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March 10, 2005

Pakistan: Disgraced Scientist Gave Centrifuges to Iran

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Amidst continued claims by Iran and Russia that Iran wants a nuclear program merely for peaceful purposes, we are now hearing that Abdul Qadeer Khan, the disgraced scientist dubbed the father of Pakistan's atomic bomb, provided Iran with centrifuges that can be used to purify uranium for nuclear weapons. If Iran's intentions are solely peaceful, why did they accept the centrifuges?

- Wired News

(...) "He has given centrifuges to Iran, but the government was in no way involved in this," Pakistani Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed told Reuters.

(...) Centrifuges are used to purify uranium for use as fuel for nuclear power plants or weapons.

(...)  Iran insists it intends to use enriched uranium only in power stations, but Washington argues that Iran is making fuel for atomic warheads.

(...)  Britain, France and Germany are leading European diplomatic efforts to persuade Iran to scrap uranium enrichment. Iran has frozen most of its enrichment program as a confidence-building measure, but has said the freeze would be short-lived.
-End item

In related news on March 8 it appears that Iran is still headed toward confrontation with the EU and the US. Iranian officials threatened to break off negotiations with France, Britain and Germany if the three European Union countries continue to insist that Tehran abandon all sensitive atomic activities. If the Iranians can't have their way, they want to quit talking. Watch for Iran to keep playing this game until they have the nuclear weapons they are developing, and they watch for the real confrontations to begin. An Iran with nuclear weapons is not an option for the West!

Meanwhile, European officials have begun a new round of talks with Iranian negotiators in Geneva aimed at working out a permanent resolution to the standoff over Iran's nuclear program, which Washington says is a front to build atomic weapons. Again, watch for this to go nowhere, until their hand is forced by military action.

In other Iran-related news, in a trip to realityville, Iran's foreign minister has told a Bosnian newspaper that if Washington decides to attack Iran it will be a nightmare for the United States. "If America decides to attack Iran, they will make a big mistake. It will be a nightmare for them," Kamal Kharizi was quoted as saying in an interview published Thursday in the Nezavisne Novine newspaper. /p>

Kharizi is part of an Iranian delegation led by President Mohammad Khatami (search) which was to conclude a three-day visit to Bosnia (search) on Thursday.

Seems like we've heard all of this before - in Afghanistan and Iraq, just before we ran over their military like c--p through a goose (couldn't resist a Ratherism).

Posted by Hyscience at March 10, 2005 8:04 AM

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