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March 16, 2005

On the matter of Terri Schiavo's last days

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According to Jared at Exultate Justi, his feelings toward the issues in Terri's case progressed through several stages as her case worked its way through the courts and across the stage of the mainstream press. It's a good post - read where he landed.

- Exultate Justi

I suppose that, as this case has worked its way through the courts, and across the stage of the mainstream press, I've progressed through several stages in my feelings toward the issues involved.

When I first heard of the matter, I was slightly sympathetic toward Terri's husband, Michael. After all, I'm very much in favor of the concept of a living will, and find the prospect of being kept alive by machines to be rather repulsive. If it's my time to go, then let me go.

Upon reading a bit more about Terri's case, however, my mind began to change. First, I learned of the insurance settlement that Michael Schiavo stands to collect upon his wife's death. Then, I read of his long-standing relationship with another woman, by whom he'd fathered a child. Schiavo's refusal to simply divorce Terri, and leave her in the care of her willing parents becomes all the more suspicious when one considers the fact that, should he divorce Terri before she died, he'd not see a penny of the money he now stands to collect.

My mind was also changed in reading about Terri's parents' suspicions that she had been abused by Michael, and in learning that, since she first collapsed more than a decade ago, she has never once been offered the kinds of therapy that dozens of neurologists believe would allow her to feed herself.

I have switched sides on the issue because this woman hasn't been given a chance.

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