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March 28, 2005

On the E. coli petting zoo link in Florida

Topics: Health Issues

A petting zoo in Florida is the suspected source of an infection that has sickened fourteen children and caused at least one death. If this turns out to be verified, it won't be the first time a petting zoo has been the source of tragedy. But the actual source could turn out to be the animals, nearby contamination, or both.

A 12-year-old girl's death is being investigated for possible links to an outbreak of E. coli bacterial infections among people who attended one of two fairs in early March that included petting zoos, the Strawberry Festival in Plant City and the Central Florida Fair in Orlando, Florida.

Health officials declined to identify the girl, but it is reported she had also visited the Strawberry Festival.

Florida top health official Health Secretary John Agwunobi said there are 14 confirmed cases of people becoming ill and they have tested positive for either E. coli infection or a kidney disease that sometimes results from E. coli.

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