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March 22, 2005

New Democratic Party Leader's Moral Relativism

Topics: Terri Schiavo's Life Counts

Disclaimer: The actual title of this article is "New Dem Party's Moral Relativism." But many Democrats support life and are supporting Terri. "Right-to-live" is not a Republican or a Democratic issue, it's simply a "life" issue. Neither Hyscience or BlogsForTerri support either political party; we support politicians of either party that support life - period. However, we do believe that the Democratic 'leadership' is railed against life, and for that reason we focus here on the party leadership, not Democrats in general who support life but may have other views that we may disagree on, together.

- Sher Zieve,
With their moral relativism firmly in hand, members of the New Democrat Party are railing at the idea of Terri Schiavo being allowed to live. Joining the philosophies of Karl Marx and even Protagoras ("man is the measure of all things"), the Dems continue their political strategy of "Oppose Bush on everything. If he's for it, we're against it!" So, Terri Schiavo has now entered into the New Dem Party's culture of death, which includes abortion on demand; even when the child is able to breathe and survive outside of the womb. The New Democrat moral relativism extends to "no death penalty for convicted murderers" but, apparently condones and encourages it for both the disabled and babies.

Purveyor of death Nancy Pelosi weighed in on the side of Terri Schiavo's one-time husband Michael (technically he's still her husband), when she said: "Michael Schiavo is faced with a devastating decision, but, having been through the proper legal process, the decision for his wife's care belongs to him and to God." First of all, the US Congressional Terri Schiavo Bill was created to determine whether or not a "proper legal process" was followed. Under the "due process" and "equal protection" clauses of the US Constitution's Amendment XIV, it is allowed that Schiavo's case be reviewed to determine whether her due processes and equal protections have been fairly applied. Note: As the leftist Dems are affecting everything within their power to eliminate Christianity (with their legal arm the ACLU) from the United States, I found Pelosi's reference to God mildly amusing.

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Posted by Hyscience at March 22, 2005 10:18 AM

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