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March 21, 2005

Musings on the Terri Schiavo case

Topics: Terri Schiavo's Life Counts

- By Hyscience guest author, Troyounce
The same week Terry Schiavo's husband is on television justifying his actions is the same week another spouse and baby killer (Peterson) is handed down the death sentence by a California judge.  If Peterson were the guardian of his wife and baby, Florida Judge Greer could have granted him the Order needed to execute his wife and baby legally.

In Minnesota, even if a guardian is appointed for another, the courts appoint a lawyer for the ward.  Where is Terry's attorney and where are her interest's being audibly raised before the courts?  The battle isn't Terry's family vs. the Husband.  The third person needs to be heard from and that is Terry.  Get her an attorney.  This needs to be a federal law: that an attorney be appointed for the ward.  Subpoena this court appointed attorney for Terry to speak to Congress.  Subpoena those who under oath will testify to Michael Schiavo's distain for her well being and outright disgust for her dignity.  Subpoena Michael Schiavo and ask him whether he has said those things about his wife while in hospice. Get him under oath to put forth the poppycock about Terry's father's intention to cut off her arms and limbs as a basis for his not giving Terry's mom the guardianship responsibility for her daughter.  This is more important than steroids in baseball.

Judge Greer's leaving the Baptist church is no different than the late Dr. John Rock's leaving the Catholic Church in the 60's after his failed run in with a diminutive Polish Bishop who successfully navigated Humanae Vitae thru the lie that Rock's invention (with the backing of Margaret Sanger) of the "the Pill" was somehow an advancement for life and women. Rock lost his battle with his Church and that bishop is now our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II. The Pope continues to be a living testament to the universal call to defend life, to run the race even when you are old, when it seems hopeless, when they say you should retire, even when you need an tracheotomy to continue breathing and witnessing to the truth. That truth is that God is the arbiter of when life ends, not husbands who get tired of loving the one they vowed to love until death do they part. Michael Schiavo is fatigued. So was Peterson. This fatigue is a gracious way to impugn Schiavo's integrity for advancing the notion that food and water are medical excesses. At worst, Michael Schiavo is no different from Peterson in California, except Schiavo got Court approval before killing his wife. God help this country if we cannot defend the innocents across the board.

Michael Schiavo says this starvation treatment happens thousands of times a year in this county. He may be right. That it happens without a health care declaration when a feeding tube was already put into the patient is murder. Federal legislation ought to prohibit this from happening across state lines as they do the transportation of minors across state lines for an abortion.

The new Herod is coming for us. He may be dressed like Uncle Sam. We have put our kids into daycare centers and they in turn will put us in nursing homes when we are wrinkled and grotesque to look upon. Diapers on infants are not so bad when you gaze upon a beautiful face while they are changed. It can only be more expensive when we are older and family members completely abdicate their responsibility as caregiver. Like the firstborn who threatened Herod, the financial threat to Uncle Sam will advance the new Pill. Honoring father and mother has gone out of style just as the prohibition against adultery went out of style in the 60's and 70's spawning the first pill. The government will find us inconvenient before our spouses do. This is a slam dunk, even in a divorce laden culture.

Posted by Hyscience at March 21, 2005 3:03 PM

I agree that the government has no place intervening in peoples lives in this way. I do however, not agree that this poor woman lay in a bed for the rest of her life not able to move, speak, or feed herself. What kind of life is that? The painful bed sores that rot through to the very bone and nerve endings, but no we should keep her alive with tubes running in and out of her, even though she said that she never wanted to live this way. This is sad that her own parents are thinking more about how they are feeling then how their daughter is feeling. Isn't 15 years of lying down not able to do anything enough for them. As for the husband I pray that he can get through this rough time and how dare anyone assume he is tired of his duties as a husband! Maybe they should put themselves in his shoes and realize that this decision is probably the hardest thing he has ever had to do in his life. Shame on you and all the people comparing this to the planned out murder of Lacy Peterson. Shame on you!

Posted by: Violet at March 21, 2005 3:34 PM

Terri did have someone else speak for her, besides her husband and parents. There was a court appointed Doctor in the case...he determined that Terri is in a "persistant vegetative state".

I'm sorry for the family, this is a great loss, but Congress should never have stepped into this. They've set a dangerous precedent.

Posted by: Ann at March 21, 2005 3:46 PM

How can anyone allow this murder. What are the husband's motives. Should the federal court be the Supreme Court not the lower courts?

Posted by: Warren Harvey at March 21, 2005 4:24 PM

I'll tell you a dangerous precident. Killing those who suffer a lower quality of life is a dangerous precident. I kid you not that the German Holocauste was preceeded by Euthanasia of the same letter and form. Movies and Culture in Germany were tilting in favor of mercy killing.

I'll give you the gist - the SS went around and killed off the undesireable wards of the state years before they decided others should die as well.

Terri has no Bed Sores, and could PROBABLY be rehabilitated according to Dr. William Hammesfahr, a Nobel Prize nominated neurologist who is an internationally recognized expert on cases of brain-injured patients.
( )

And yes, he HAS actually studied Terri - as opposed to those (pro euthanasia) so-called Doctors they put on T.V.

I agree that in most cases, those who are TERMINALLY ILL should get a happy death - in other words those who are DYING.

But Folks, doesn't lack of food and water kills everyone? If we can't draw the line as a culture then we are throwing ourselves to the wind. A wrathful and repulsive wind at that.

So you just go ahead and blabber the line. Forget about actually educating yourself on the fact of the case. Forget that the case was engineered YEARS after Mr. Schiavo stood in front of a malpractive lawsuite jury and said that the money was for the REHABILITATION and CARE of his wife. Forget that he may be culpable for her INJURIES (neck and broken bones) which put her there .

Forget that her own Doctor and Nurses were harrassed. Forget that her medical records were altered on a daily basis (according to an affidavit in the case filed by Mrs. Schiavo's nurse) by Mr. Schiavo. Forget that the Judge ordered Mrs. Schiavo no food and water - even if she CAN drink or eat. (Remember, you swallow many litres of spit a day)

The Schindlers are nice people - maybe too nice. But when Mr. Schiavo's lawyer is paying for the DA and Judge Greer's reelection maybe there was nothing they could do but this.

But you're right, it IS sad that the government is intervening in peoples lives this way. It's sad that a conspiricy to foist Euthanasia on America is so warmly greeted by the people as mercy. Imagine how much money we'll save with empty hospitals and prisons!!

Posted by: randomman at March 21, 2005 6:02 PM

Thank you for taking the time to express your emotions regarding this case. By your post, your have revealed that you have come to a conclusion based on limited knowledge. If you were aware that Terri's present condition is due largely, if not entirely, to the way she has been cared for by her "loving" husband, and that at least 20 specialists have stated in sworn affidavits that Terri could regain much of her mobility and communication skills if only she were allowed the therapy she's been denied for over 12 years, you might feel differently.

If you were aware that George Greer, her judge has major conflicts of interest in the case, you perhaps would have a different opinion.

If you knew the "court ordered doctors", Dr. Cranston, being the most notorious, and if you knew that they spent less than two hours with Terri before pronouncing her to be PVS, and that without an MRI or PET scan. You would understand that Terri has been ram rodded by the courts and you would probably be equally emotional but now on the other side of the fence.

The above facts can be easily proven, and if you would be interested in truth over emotion, peruse Hyscience, and read more. If you have an open mind, you will find it easy to join us in our attempt to expose the corruption that has placed Terri in this horrific nightmare.

Hope you're listening.


Posted by: Jack at March 21, 2005 6:12 PM

As far as I am concerned, we need to, as the President declared, "error on the side of life". I find it completely ironic that there are Americans who say Congress should never have involved itself in this matter, but when it came to state law in Texas regarding life in the bedroom, they indeed thought Congress needed to act. What hypocrisy. I can appreciate that Michael wants what is best for Terri, but he should have thought about her before he started having babies with another women while still married to Terri.

Posted by: Kidsmom at March 21, 2005 7:38 PM

Oh dear, Violet is yet another one of those ignorant trolls that have been sent to this site and to other sites that have been on Terri's side trying to educate people that this is a case that lacks justice.

I am an Australian and it would be easy for everyone who is interested in this case in the USA to tell me it is none of my business. I am an interested observer and I had to change my mind about the facts of this case to come out so openly in support of the Schindlers. What happens in the law courts of Florida is not my business, but when I see such a flagrant abuse of human rights against a disabled woman I believe I have a duty to speak out and speak up about her plight.

Considering all of the facts that have come to light about this case I do not believe that anybody who has read up on the case can logically come to the conclusion that Michael Schiavo loves his wife. As a married woman (for 28 years) I would be distressed if I knew that my husband was running around saying something like "Is the bitch dead"? That is not the words of a man who allegedly loves his wife.

I have also been paying attention to the transcripts of interviews that have been given recently by Felos and Schiavo. They must be becoming increasingly desperate because the facts about what Terri allegedly said keep on changing at a rate of knots. During the last interview I noticed that Felos claimed that Terri had specifically spoken about feeding tubes. Can someone point to where that was said in the transcript of court evidence?

This is just further proof that Terri never did indicate that she would rather be dead. It is proof however, that Michael Schiavo went to see George Felos and hired him as his attorney because Felos has a reputation in the euthanasia industry. It is proof that Michael Schiavo has been coached by George Felos on what he was to state in a court of law regarding Theresa's wishes on the subject.

He has just managed to make fun of Terri's religious convictions by making an absurd statement about Terri allegedly making a statement about changing laws. If he knew anything about being a Catholic and a very religious one at that, he would know that Terri would not have stated any such thing because she knows the Church's stance on life and death and that the particular stance will not change.

As I wait on tenterhooks for an announcement that Terri is to be removed from the hospice, (that is what I am praying for), I am wondering if the Lord is holding back on giving Terri relief so that Michael Schiavo will mess up so bad that he will make an admission about his own guilt in this matter

Posted by: Maggie4life at March 22, 2005 1:37 AM

Something Interesting to all....
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try it and see whether or not I'm right...
Oh, by the way 1.850.4440 and 1.850.488.4443 are not valid numbers...

Posted by: tramlaw at March 27, 2005 6:56 PM

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