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March 15, 2005

Legislative update - Florida - House Bill 523

Topics: Terri Schiavo's Life Counts

Tomorrow, March 16, 2005, the House Judiciary Committee will hear House Bill 523, titled "An act relating to evidence; repealing s. 90.602, F.S.".

The bill's brief is "Repeals a provision relating to testimony of interested persons regarding oral communication with a deceased or mentally incompetent person; creates a hearsay exception for statements made by declarants unavailable due to death, illness, or infirmity that are similar to statements previously admitted."

This could effectively eliminate valuable protection for incapacitated persons in Florida by allowing self-serving hearsay to be admissible in guardianship proceedings.

The House Judiciary Committee's contact details follow. If you are in Florida and would like to make your displeasure with this proposal known, you can do so using the following details.

Note: The email scheme for the Florida House is both ("") and ("". If you get a bounced email, please reverse the names and try again.

The bill can be read here:

The effected statute can be read here:

Judiciary Committee

Name Email         Phone
David Simmons                           850-488-2231
Juan-Carlos Planas     850-488-3616
Kevin Ambler                              850-488-0275
Dennis Baxley        850-488-0335
Frederick Brumme             850-488-2023
Dan Gelber                                         850-488-0690
Michael Grant                            850-488-0060
Jeffrey Kottkamp                850-488-7433
Sheri McInvale                   850-488-0660
Joe Pickens                               850-488-0665
Curtis Richardson      850-488-1798
Dennis Ross                              850-488-9890
John Seiler            850-488-0880

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