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March 22, 2005


Topics: Terri Schiavo's Life Counts

Grant Swank, the author of this article in today, is puzzled over the comments made by Judge Whittemore, the judge now contemplating whether Terri Schiavo shall live or continue to die for the crime of being disabled.

- By J. Grant Swank, Jr.
I'm not confused. I already have come to my philosophical and ethical conclusion regarding Terri Schiavo. It's that we must preserve all life at all costs. Pulling the thread from life's fabric at any one level means that anybody can decide the thread and level. It's back to relativism, in other words.

Further, if we think this is a general issue, I figure just each of us wait till the time when the issue becomes quite personalized - like pointed at each of us. When will we be incapacitated? When will you be undone in a nursing home? When will we be unable to talk, to walk, to swallow? It can happen to "them." It can also occur in each of our lives. Life is unpredictable - for pleasure and for pain.

So I'm for championing life for the disabled, the baby in the womb, the Alzheimer's patient, and so forth. Once we start playing deity over another's existence, we move into a terrain not permitted mere mortal. Though there are some egocentrics "out there" who think they can play god, they can't. Wait till the medical tables are turned on them to see how willing they are to submit to another's divine authority.

But what puzzles me is what US District Judge James Whittemore said to the press moments ago: "I will not tell you when, how or how long it will take.

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