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March 24, 2005

Greer Denies one Petition, Considers Another

Topics: Terri Schiavo's Life Counts

Judge Greer on Thursday denied the state petition to put Schiavo into state custody but is now considering a petition by the DCF. It says a neurologist who examined Schiavo's medical records found she was "most likely in a state of minimal consciousness" rather than the persistent vegetative state previous doctors have diagnosed.

According to the petition, the agency's board-certified neurologist, Dr. William Polk Cheshire, has information "that seriously challenges the diagnosis that Mrs. Schiavo is in a persistent vegetative state," as courts have upheld.

"This new information raises serious concerns and warrants immediate action," Gov. Bush said.

[full CNN article]

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Posted by Hyscience at March 24, 2005 1:27 PM

I heard that this Judge Greer was previously a county commissioner who stood for the judge position and won by vote - do we know anything about this "judge"s educational background? Does he have any legal education? Today, it seems he admitted to Felos that he did not know what 'somatic' meant!!! and this judge wants all the world to really believe that he has indeed paid attention and deliberated ( can't use think) on all important aspects of the cerebral condition of this poor defensless woman for the past over 7 years? And he does not know what somatic means? Does this not point to anything? To me its like some guy listening to all that was said a Gethsame and then asking someone sitting next to him who Jesus is!

Posted by: Nathan at March 25, 2005 7:50 PM

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