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March 28, 2005

Gang will target Minuteman vigil on Mexico border with violence

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I first posted on this emerging story back on March 15 in following the original coverage by Digger's Realm. In that post I wrote that a sweep in six cities across the country had netted 103 arrests of members of the notoriously vicious Mara Salvatrucha gang. Also known as MS-13 the gang is reported to have met with al-Qaeda back in September and members of the group have been caught with al-Qaeda suspects crossing the Mexican border. Most recently was the arrest of one of the leaders of the gang and his call from federal prison for members of the group to attack volunteers of the Minuteman Project, a group of over 900 civilians who plan to patrol the Arizona-Mexican border starting in April.

Today we are hearing that members of that same violent Central America-based gang have been sent to Arizona to target Minuteman Project volunteers, who will begin a month-long border vigil this weekend to find and report foreigner sneaking into the United States, project officials say.

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It's bad enough when the border patrol isn't allowed to do it's job and doesn't receive the support from the administration to do so, but when citizens step forward to act in order to protect our borders and to do so using peaceful means, then to be threatened with violence from foreign gangs in our own country, that seems to be just a bit too much to swallow.

Posted by Hyscience at March 28, 2005 9:01 AM

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