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March 11, 2005

Filipino Hostage Roberto Tarongoy Appears On al-Jazeera; Philippines Reportedly Trying To Pay Ransom

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

This is one of the stories in the Middle East that has more or less slipped under the MSM's radar screens, but a man's life is in jeopardy at the hands of the Islamofascists in Iraq and it's damned important to him, his family and friends. By the way, that includes us, at least those of us who claim to be a part of the family of mankind and humanity. That doesn't seem to include Islamists and the Sunni Muslims of Iraq.

However, at issue is that paying ransom to terrorists only encourages more hostage taking and more terror. The real answer is to work very hard at making sure that all of the terrorists see their 72 virgins much sooner rather than later!

- Digger's Realm

Roberto Tarongoy appeared on al-Jazeera March 7 in an orange jumpsuit at which time his hostage takers said he will be executed by Friday if their demands are not met.  

President Arroyo of the Philippines is reported by a source in the Department of Foreign Affairs to be offering a $6 million ransom payment to the terrorists holding Roberto Tarongoy hostage. Tarongoy was taken hostage November 1, 2004 along with American Roy Hallums. In July 2004 the Philippine government reportedly paid $6 million for hostage Angelo De La Cruz. Of the $6 million for De La Cruz, $5 million is said to have come from Libya and $1 million from the Land Bank of the Philippines. 

Obviously the Philippines has not learned their lesson from the first payoff as it has only led to further hostage taking of Filipino's. The terrorist group holding Tarongoy, Jeish al-Mujahideen, are said to have demanded a $10 million ransom and that the 6,500 Filipinos working in Iraq leave and the Philippines end its military cooperation with the United States.

Why is it that these "deals" are always so convaluted and soaked heavy with intrigue? From Michelle Malkin:

It was not known whether President Arroyo will again be tapping Libya for the ransom money, although the source pointed out it is likely for her to seek the help of Saudi Arabia in raising the funds, as Mrs. Arroyo was reported to have done the Saudi government a "big favor" by ordering the release from immigration detention of suspected al-Qaeda financier, Mohammed al-Sughayir...

It seems as though the whole Middle East is involved in creating terrorists to take hostages, then collectively come up with the funds to pay them off for the release of the hostages which in turn, encourages them to....

And countries like the Philipines are needed to make the game work.

Make any sense to you?

Hat tip - Digger's Realm

Posted by Hyscience at March 11, 2005 8:22 AM

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