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March 23, 2005

'Cruel and unusual'

Topics: Terri Schiavo's Life Counts

- Thomas Sowell,

If the tragic case of Terri Schiavo shows nothing else, it shows how easily "the right to die" can become the right to kill. It is hard to believe that anyone, regardless of their position on euthanasia, would have chosen the agony of starvation and dehydration as the way to end someone's life.

A New York Times headline on March 20th tried to assure us: "Experts Say Ending Feeding Can Lead to a Gentle Death" but you can find experts to say anything. In a December 2, 2002 story in the same New York Times, people starving in India were reported as dying, "often clutching pained stomachs."

No murderer would be allowed to be killed this way, which would almost certainly be declared "cruel and unusual punishment," in violation of the Constitution, by virtually any court.

Terri Schiavo's only crime is that she has become an inconvenience -- and is caught in the merciless machinery of the law. Those who think law is the answer to our problems need to face the reality that law is a crude and blunt instrument.

Make no mistake about it, Terri Schiavo is being killed. She is not being "allowed to die."

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Posted by Hyscience at March 23, 2005 1:38 AM

This is a really tragic case...

Posted by: Dave at March 23, 2005 1:42 AM

Sickening how judges are appearing to value life in the same regards as Terrorists...I really thought there was going to be a De Novo case...why do they continue to treat this like an appeal?

Posted by: Crystal Clear at March 23, 2005 3:02 AM

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