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February 24, 2005

The Strange Story of Stephen And Virginia Pearcy: Free speech or just a case of too much hate?

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I've been following the interesting and bizarre story of Stephen and Virginia Pearcy(the folks that hung an American soldier in effigy), which has been has been well covered in posts by Dan at Digger's Realm.  Today  Dan has a letter this letter  written by a doctor and neighbor of the Pearcy's telling of the trials and tribulations the neighborhood has faced over the years at the hands of the "peaceful" Pearcy's. It seems that while creating and displaying hateful politically-motivated exhibitions at their home in one neighborhood, they live comfortably far away to avoid the fallout. The resulting havoc is destroying a neighborhood.

... "I am writing this letter to explain to you the true story from the perspective of the next-door neighbor of the purported first amendment crusaders. This is not merely a simple story about first amendment rights. The story goes beyond the arguments surrounding the Ward Churchill debate. This is a story about angry, hateful words and symbols protected by the first amendment, directed not only at the general public but also towards those with names and faces.... human beings who walk out of their homes headed to work every day only to see what venom has been spewed that day. A few points"......


Stephen and Virginina in front of their house (Diggers Realm image)

I recommend that you read the entire post but offer caution that the language in the links might be offensive to some readers. No one should have to be subjected to the kind of hateful and disgusting exhibitions that the Pearcys have a history of conducting, much less from a permanently absent neighbor. The Pearcy's have way too much time on their hands!

On one hand I hate to see these people get anymore publicity that they obviously enjoy, to them nothing is negative enough. But on the other hand these folks rank right up there at the top of my list that I'd like to see chew'd up by the blogosphere if done just right.

Posted by Hyscience at February 24, 2005 12:49 PM

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