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February 14, 2005

Terri Schiavo Blogburst - Update 3

Topics: Terri Schiavo's Life Counts

Blog Readers - check out the Terri Schiavo blogroll on our right sidebar for more Terri Schiavo posts.

The blogburst for Terri Schiavo continues with (46) blogs on the Terri Schiavo blogroll, and many others writing every day about Terry. We need a minimum of 100 blogs writing at least one Terri Schiavo post every day, preferably more - with encouragement to readers and other blogs to participate by writing, phoning and emailing contacts, MSM, and other blogs every single day. Especially the St. Petersburg Times.

The blogosphere is heating up on Terri Schiavo - current traffic on Terri's posts during peak hours here at Hyscience are running just under 500 hits per hour! I'm sure that the readers are going from here to other "Terri" bloggers.

A major novel blog - media event is in the planning stages and will be announced very soon. 
Meanwhile you can help by emailing Hyscience (or ProLifeBlogs) your link and we will post it on Terri's blogroll. Please do not request to be on the blogroll if you are not posting daily on Terri, even if it is a re-post of an existing article on your own or another blog's site (with appropriate credit).

The dynamics of Terri's plight to survive are changing rapidly, and I will continue to post info every day. Some background information is HERE, and there is more information available at, and other sites as well.

Please continue to post contact numbers in at least one post per day. We need for readers to know where to go for information and opinions on Terri 's plight. Hyscience and ProLifeBlogs are in touch with the Schindlers on a daily basis and expect to post an update on Terri's plight for life in the very near future.

The fight in the courts and in the Florida legislature to save Terri's life is ongoing and limits more information being released at this time.


Recently numerous bloggers were celebrating the power of the blogosphere by causing the resignation of a man who said some terrible things, just think if the bloggers could come together and sa ve a life. - TheBandWagon

Here is the script that will add a list of sites to your blog. I have not started adding the links yet, the only one's listed are from ProLifeBlogs that were used to set-up the blogroll. I expect to start adding links tonight.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"

Place it on your site the way you would put any normal link and it will insert the list of Terri Schiavo

Special Hat tips to ProLifeBlogs and theBandWagon

Everyone! Motivate other blogs, readers, politicians, media, & authorites. And Blog Like Crazy - Terri's life depends on it. (See St. Petersburg Times info below)

For the past several years, the St Petersburg Times has consistently printed both articles and editorials that denigrate Terri Schiavo, misrepresent her family and misreport her true condition. They have belittled the attorney representing Terri's family and they have scorned volunteers who support Ms. Schiavo's right to live as 'fanatics'.

No where in the Times have the members of Terri's Foundation been able to find any reporting of the Florida Statutory violations against Terri, the questionable rulings by Judge George Greer or the adulterous lifestyle of Michael Schiavo, his neglect of his disabled wife and his attempts at hiding evidence about her finances and health condition.

Instead, the Times has sympathized with those who advocate Terri's forced death by dehydration.

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Posted by Hyscience at February 14, 2005 12:42 AM

Since Michael Schiavo will not allow Terri to have a proper burial and insist on cremating her , (was that cremation also her wishes also Michael ?) or just another way to control and cover up, when Michael does cremate Terri , I think Terri supporters should go to Michael and Jodi home on MARRIE CT CLEARWATER, FL (off of Enterprise) around the clock to mourn Terri forever and I hope the public will never let them live in peace. but remind them daily that the public will never forget that they murdered Terri. I also believe Jodi was part of this murder. Terri will have the last word after the autopsy .Terri go in peace and be with God

Posted by: taylor at April 1, 2005 5:37 PM

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