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February 26, 2005

Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahmen's Smuggled Letter

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From the looks of the Sheikh Abdel-Rahman's letter it appears that he isn't enjoying our hospitality. But I don't recall our government requiring that hatemongers and terrorists enjoy their time in prison.

Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, otherwise known as the Blind Sheikh, has sat in a Missouri prison since 1995 for terrorism related charges (specifically his connection to the 1993 WTC attack). Thanks to a reader, Thomas, we learn of a letter sent to the Sheikh's followers from Abdel-Rahman himself has made it to the internet.

The letter's contents are in English and appear on a terrorist sympathiser forum. How did this letter find the way from a prisoner who has been denied outside communication in fear of inciting attacks? Most likely his lawyer, Lynn Stewart who has now been charged with spreading the Sheikh's communications, took the letter from the Sheikh and delivered it to the right people. Stewart is not exactly a friend to the United States, but that hasn't kept some Americans from heralding her as a hero.   

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Posted by Hyscience at February 26, 2005 11:41 PM

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