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February 10, 2005

Mother's work schedule significantly impacts her child's cognitive development

Topics: Health Issues

A mother who works nonstandard hours, such as evenings, nights or rotating shifts, may significantly affect her young child's intellectual development, Columbia University School of Social Work Assistant Professor Wen-Jui Han, PhD found.

- Medical News Today
Her work, published in the January/February 2005 issue of Child Development, comes as an increasing number of mothers entering the workforce find employment with nonstandard hours. Single, low-income mothers and/or welfare mothers are more likely to work such nonstandard hours, Dr. Han notes, and earlier studies suggest they often have difficulties balancing work and family responsibilities on such schedules.

Now, it appears, those difficulties are affecting their children's cognitive development.   More...

Posted by Hyscience at February 10, 2005 9:38 PM

I HAD to see this post know where I'm coming from. More for the guilt trip! LOL

Posted by: Beth at February 10, 2005 10:52 PM

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