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February 6, 2005

More Questions for Michael Schiavo(updated)

Topics: Terri Schiavo's Life Counts

Update: Owing to recently published online articles by online media, this post has been replaced by an updated article that moves the timetable forward, although not of my choosing. I would have preferred to take a longer period of time to "season" the story and give all of us more time to gather more information, but a lot of people have been and continue to, work hard to save Terri. So we blogs that are joining in the "Save Terri" campaign, need to step up to the plate a little sooner rather than later. Go HERE for the replacement for this article. 

... One of the 2 books contains documented medical information that will call into question Michael's right to decide Terri's fate, the veracity of his story of what happened on that morning of February 25, 1990, and indeed, if Terri dies, should he remain free.

In the introduction to my previous post with "questions for Michael Schiavo," I stated that:

(...)  this post begins the series "Terri Schiavo's Life Matters," and all blogs are invited to participate in this, the begining of a planned blogswarm to run over a 2-3 week period and culminating with the final posts, a blogburst, of the final important release of new information that has not been released previously in the MSM. Blogs will have it first! Email Hyscience for more information.

(...)  ... cruise through two large and rather interesting packages of information that I have in my possession regarding Terri Schiavo's case for life.

(...) ...There is so much here, just where should I start? As I read through the packages, actually two nicely compiled and orderly spiral-bound books of information, I see that there is some startling information that hasn't been previously made available to the public.

I want to make it perfectly clear as to where I am headed in this "Terri Schiavo's life matters." series.  I plan to first systematically go through a series of questions that summarize some basic issues relating to the strange circumstances of Terri's condition, Michael's behavior, and his possible motivation for wanting Terri to die. Then ....

Just prior to the end of the series, sometime between today and March 8 when the Florida Legislature begins it's new session, I plan to send out to 50 blogs(goal) - exact duplicates of the 2 spiral-bound books that now sit on my desk.

The purpose of this post is to solicit willing bloggers to join-in the blogswarm on the Terri Schiavo case and to inquire as to which blogs would like to receive the bound information via snail mail for the blogburst just prior to March 8. Saving Teri, and getting her therapy, is going to take a blogosphere-wide effort.

Email Hyscience if you would like to receive the packets and participate in the blogburst.

An abundance of information about Terri Schiavo can be found at ProLifeBlogs and

Posted by Hyscience at February 6, 2005 3:09 PM

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