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February 1, 2005

Kerry reminds voters why they rejected him

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John Kerry and a large percentage of the left seem to have forgotten that we had a national election to choose who would lead this nation for the next four years. They haven't yet accepted the fact that they lost the election. Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry can't pass by a TV camera or a "crowd" of two people gathered in the same location without spouting off with yet another vitriolic diatribe against President Bush and our nation's success in Iraq that was so clearly and resoundly illustrated by the turnout in the Iraqi election. Today's David Limbaugh article addresses the issue of John Kerry's part in this "dynamic duo's" contemptable and politically motivated attacks based on "the pathetic quagmire of his multilaterest mindset."

(...)  "Ted Kennedy's contemptible foreign policy speech deliberately timed just prior to the Iraqi election was bad enough. But Kennedy didn't just come within one state's electors of becoming president. John Kerry did, and his regrettable remarks on "Meet the Press" demonstrate how scary that is."

(...)  Even on the heels of this profoundly gratifying election en route to liberating the long-oppressed and beleaguered Iraqi people, John Kerry couldn't resist the perverse temptation to resurrect his manufactured criticism of President Bush's "unilateral" approach to the war. It was a phony, desperate after-the-fact charge then, and it is even more so now. If you didn't understand before that Kerry was always just blowing smoke about President Bush's supposed alienation of the global community, you should see it clearly now.

(...)  What does diplomacy between the United States and Old Europe, or Russia, have to do with the ultimate success of Iraqi democracy? Why should we be reaching out to those recalcitrant nations that shamefully refused to do the right thing? If there's any mea culpas owed or sucking up to be done they should come from Old Europe and Russia.

(...)  Kerry's gratuitous invocation of "multilateralism" yet again is only noteworthy because it is a classic example of the utter inability of this exemplar of nuance to cut through to the heart of an issue. It might be the most egregious non sequitur uttered by a public official in recent memory.


Posted by Hyscience at February 1, 2005 4:58 PM

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