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February 26, 2005

Justice Coalition will support family's side

Topics: Terri Schiavo's Life Counts

Welcome news for Terri Schiavo from a well known victim rights group. As more and more is recognized about the abuse of Terri on the part of her guardian-husband Michael Schiavo, we are begining to see more cracks emerge in the armor of the George Greer/George Felos/Woodside Hospice death camp crowd of the Pinellas County court system in  Florida - the death culture so supported by the St. Petersburg Times.

- Florida Times Union
Proclaiming Terry Schiavo a victim, Jacksonville's Justice Coalition scheduled a news conference for Monday at which it is expected to announce plans to get involved in her family's long-running legal effort to keep her husband from removing the feeding tube that keeps the Pinellas County woman alive.

"We believe Terri is a victim, and we are positioning ourselves to become involved in the case as victim advocates," said Ted Hires, founder of the influential victim rights group.

Hires plans to hold Monday's news conference on the steps of Jacksonville's federal courthouse.

Bobby Schindler, Schiavo's brother, said he plans to join Hires at the conference.

"We are very grateful for what Mr. Hires is doing," he said.

Schindler and his father traveled to Jacksonville this month to ask Hires for his help. They believe Schiavo might be a victim of domestic violence, abuse or neglect, and Hires agreed.

"She continues to be victimized,"

- Tipped by Bobby Schindler
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