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February 28, 2005

Florida Judge Orders Pope Removed from Life Support*

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Since Judge George Greer has made made so much of a mockery of justice in the case of Terri Schiavo, and seems to have gone out of his way to spit in the eye of reason and fairness for the disabled and defenseless, it's time that the expert mockerer, Dr Rusty Schackleford of Jawa Report stripped him down to size in satire.

From Jawa Report we have:

Clearwater, Fla. In a shocking development in the Terri Schiavo case today, a Florida appeals court ordered Vatican doctors to remove all life support from the ailing Pope John Paul II.

In a decision sure to have international repercussions, Judge George Greer ruled that although Terri Schiavo's lawyers had provided substantial evidence that the Pontiff responded to external stimuli by doing such things as "eating, talking, praying, and blessing the faithful," that such behaviors were simple auto-responses that in no way proved any type of self-awareness. Despite plans to attend Sunday prayers tomorrow, the judge proclaimed the Pope to be in a "constant vegetative state".

"We understand and sympathize with the feelings that Catholics, Christians, and humanitarians of all stripes have for the Holy Father," Judge Greer announced from the bench, "but this is a nation of laws. As such we must not let any moral considerations, whatever their source may be, interfere with justice."

The judges order would require doctors at Rome's Gemelli hospital to withhold all medical care from the Pope, including food & water and strapping the Pope down if he reflexively objects that he is hungry and/or thirsty. However, the Court's order will not take affect until March 18th allowing time for the case to be appealed.

"We will appeal the case all the way to the Supreme Court," Terri Schiavo lawyer David Gibbs III said in a press conference immediately following the unexpected ruling.

NARAL, the ACLU, and attorney's for Michael Schiavo, Terri's husband, have already begun work on amicus curae briefs in support of the judges decision to euthenize the Pope. "The right to die is an essential aspect of human dignity," said George Felos, Michael Schiavo's attorney and spokesman, "and the right to kill those who no longer have any value and are a drain on the economy is unseperable from this right."

"The legal principle of convenience," he added, "has triumphed today over the arcane remnants of religious bigotry which threaten to shake the very foundations of our secular society had the judge not ruled in our favor."

Reactions from the Vatican were swift. An emergency meeting was called for all available ranking Church officials and thousands gathered for a candle-light vigil in Saint Peter's Square. A spokesperson for the Papal state immediately denounced the ruling as contrary to the teachings of the Church and said the Vatican would join the appeal to judge Greer's ruling.

Cardinal Theodore Edgar McCarrick of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC strongly condemned the ruling. When asked what the Church would do if John Paul were to lose the appeal, McCarrick said, "As Catholics we believe that preserving the sanctity of life is the first duty of governments and of individual followers of Christ."

"What judge Greer has done today is essentially to sanction the murder of the Holy See," he went on, "and we cannot and will not stand for this! We must protect the life of the innocent at all costs--even if that means a non-violent protest or fast of some kind. Maybe even a prayer vigil--a long one.  I really hope that works."

Today's ruling came as a shock to many legal experts who claimed that the Pope had no standing in the Schiavo case and the court no authority to make the ruling. Even so, Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe announced his support of the decision as the logical extension of the application of internationl law in the US.

"Besides," said Tribe, "the guy is really old."

The Pope is expected to make a statement about the case tomorrow.
- End item

As I suggested in my introduction to Rusty's piece which does such a fine job of mocking the mockerer, Judge Greer has long since thrown reason out the window, and we as a nation are entering a twilight zone of forced euthanasia for the weak and infirmed - that is unless we together find some way to turn back this dark wave.

Posted by Hyscience at February 28, 2005 9:59 PM

your pathetic attempt at satire would be funny if it weren't so blatently stupid. It might also help to know the actual facts of the case before trying to mock it.

Posted by: Shannon at March 22, 2005 4:20 PM

Right on!!
How awful to be living in a country who once was so great. We embraced life. Today, we have a culture of death. The unborn, old and infirmed need to be afraid as we have judges assisting in forced death, and we are on the slippery slope that will lead to "if you are homeless, jobless, too old, don't contribute in some way, certainly handicapped, etc", we don't need you - take away not only artificial life-support, but now it appears some judges, lawyers, and unfortunately even some American citizes, are advocating taking away natural life-support - food and water. How utterly disgraceful and disgusting! Sad testimony to a once great nation, but then again there are a lot of disappointing things encroching us of late. The one positive is that Congress actually did something to help an American for a change, unfortunately, the bill should have included all handicapped people. We are now complicent in the murder of a fellow handicapped American woman, and we are watching enfold before our eyes. I can only hope all those who believe it's humane to disallow food and water get to meet the same fate. Amazing helping a husband kill his wife. The FACTS are that the people who knew her and raised her and loved her - blood relations - not spouses who supposedly only remembered "her wish" 7 years after she suffered her malady AND just how did she have this stroke or heart attack ?? How did "they" get this award (since she was supposedly "brain-damaged" she didn't file the suit). Isn't it interesting that ONLY the husband and his brother and friend HEARD her say she didn't want extraordinary means. Does no one find any of this suspect?? How about the FACT that 3 nurses attending to her state she was actually saying 3 words before her therapy was pulled by her husband. They state that she does communicate and respond and follow. This is an abolute travesty!!
Thank you!
Suzie M.

Posted by: Suzie at March 23, 2005 8:59 AM

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