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February 7, 2005

Empire Journal on Michael Schiavo

Topics: Terri Schiavo's Life Counts

As mentioned in my previous post, New York's Empire Journal is calling on the Florida judicial system to impanel a Grand Jury to investigate foul play as a cause of Terri Schiavo's brain damage, and Pro-life is reporting that Pinellas County Circuit Judge George Greer is deliberating whether he will allow attorneys to proceed with arguments that brain-disabled Terri Schiavo's right to due process was violated.

The purpose of this "save Terri" series is to call attention to the fact that there is enough circumstantial evidence to support a determination that Michael Schiavo has not and is not acting in Terri's best interest. Furthermore, numerous experts and several media entities believe Terri's injuries were the result of trauma to the neck and body. There was only one person there that night with Terri, Michael Schiavo. I am not Michael's judge nor his jury. But with all of the circumstantial evidence that suggests Michael could possibly have played a role in the incident, is it not reasonable to at the very least remove him as Terri's guardian and let her family take care of her and get her therapy?

[update: information from the Empire Journal was removed]


Florida Attorney General's Office  850-414-3300 Charlie Crist, AG

Mr. George Le'Mieux
Deputy Attorney General

Bernie McCabe, State Attorney Pinellas and Pasco Counties

Advocacy Center for Persons with Disabilities 800-342-0823

Pinellas County GOP 727-539-6009

Gov. Jeb Bush 850-488-4441

State of Florida Office of Civil Rights 954-712-4601

Florida Senate 800-342-1827

Florida House of Representatives 850-488-6026

Florida Department of Law Enforcement 850-410-7000

Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities 850-488-4257

Federal Bureau of Investigation

U.S. Department of Justice
202-514-2000 Main Switchboard
202-353-1555 Office of US AG

Posted by Hyscience at February 7, 2005 9:41 PM

You people are insane. I am sure you think we never went to the moon, there are aliens out there sucking out your brains, the president is a direct descendant of God and many other things. Conspiracy much???

Posted by: Tina at February 22, 2005 2:43 PM

Terri Schiavo case discussed 2/24/05 on
Greta Van Susteren's On The Record.

I believe it was Dr. Baden, apparently via
telephone, who agreed that a too high or too low
potassium level could stop the heart.

Greta's other guest spoke of Terri's purging
and that her electrolytes were affected.

Find transcript of this program to verify.
Don't rely completely on my recall.

Posted by: Joanne at February 24, 2005 11:34 PM

In your article above, you state:

"In graphic and perhaps maybe not wholly acceptable terms for many, the stark reality is that Terri Schiavo cannot be allowed to die before an investigation in completed into the circumstances surrounding her injuries. She must be kept alive to, pardon the indelicate way of putting it, to preserve the evidence of a possible crime."

Would it not be better to be able to perform an autopsy and analyze her organs directly? Would it not be better than to let her die??? Then we would be able to look at her internally and gather whatever evidence could be found.

Posted by: Jeff at February 25, 2005 3:48 PM

Love the comments! Kill first, ask questions later! Now that's Progressive Thinking at it's finest!

Anyway, thanks HyScience for shedding some light on what mainstream media is too hypocritical to touch. (Now if you kill a dog in the State of Florida, you go to Jail. But it's perfectly okay to kill your wife, as long as you say so (and she can't)).

And in response to the other comments here...
Speaking of conspiracy theories.."Progressive" thinkers are usually brilliant at coming up with these... But even Mr. Holmes himself would see this one as having too many clues on the table. He wants her dead, not out of compassion... a compassionate person doesn't deny someone adequate care, her family, food, sustenance, etc.The question is why? And until you have seen the video footage of this woman in a "coma", you have no business discussing this case because it will truly shock you how alert and alive she is.

Posted by: Lynne at March 19, 2005 12:48 AM

Amazing that none of the trash you publish has appeared in here in Florida media. In fact, Judge Greer has been praised for his extraordinary patience and none of his decisions have been overturned. You should learn the facts before you publish your lies.

Posted by: Bob Lowe at March 19, 2005 12:40 PM

Why don't you leave that woman in peace, if you are so concerned, go after your catholic friends that protect pedophiles.There is an old saying: sweep your own dirt before you are sticking your nose in to some one elses business.

Posted by: Hans Preisler at March 19, 2005 5:13 PM

This disturbs me greatly. Terri is now past
saving according to some news reports. All
this while the world watches and everyone
seems helpless to get past the first judge
who ruled. I just don't understand why the
other courts followed his judgment. Shouldn't
a new look be given by a different circuit
judge? This seems unjust and all slanted to
help Michael instead of Terri. I'm SAD!!!

Posted by: Bettye at March 28, 2005 11:51 AM

I think Terri Schiavo was injected with insulin which caused her rapid loss of potassium, which is called hyperkalemia. If so, then I hope her family sues the #4%% out of Florida, and those involved with her nmurder face criminalk prosecution for wrongful death.
Terri is the only person in history granted an injunction forbidding the intervention of a state agency, DCF.

Posted by: Geri Marshall at March 29, 2005 5:02 PM

I think Terri Schiavo was injected with insulin which caused her rapid loss of potassium, which is called hyperkalemia. If so, then I hope her family sues the #4%% out of Florida, and those involved with her nmurder face criminalk prosecution for wrongful death.
Terri is the only person in history granted an injunction forbidding the intervention of a state agency, DCF.

Posted by: Geri Marshall at March 29, 2005 5:02 PM

In all of your reporting, nothing is mentioned about the millions of dollars involved in the settlement of Terri Schiavo's injuries. Are you saying this is NOT an economic consideration, the killing or not killing of this woman?

It has been heavily reported throughout the MSM that the Schindlers have offered Michael that he can keep all of the money, past, present, and future. But apparently Michael is aware that should Terri recover sufficiently to communicate - he can't spend it in prison.

Money is not the issue. Again, all of the ecconomic matters have been heavily reported in the MSM and even on TV and radio.

Posted by: Carol H. Teufel at March 30, 2005 12:24 PM

Your continuing hate filled diatribe against Michael Schiavo, unfounded by any reasonable persons review of the medical and judicial facts in this case brings only heat and no light to this debate.Please read the record and see indeed if objectively, anyone could come to any other opinion. The great American public can be fooled by your kind of hate-mongering, but only momentarily. Please report on more important issues. I suggest you begin with the Catholic Churchs' moral bankruptcy with regard to its denial of ongoing problems with the clergys pedophilia, while it still insists on inserting itself in peoples lives in the most destructive ways, such as the Schiavo case. We are a nation of laws, and thank God church law is seperate from civil law.We can only hope that this continues.

Posted by: D. Carle at March 31, 2005 4:11 PM

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Posted by: Br Daniel Izzo at March 31, 2005 4:16 PM

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