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February 12, 2005


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So what is it with Russian politics in yet another diabolical event for a politician, this time in Georgia? First we had Yuschenko's dioxin episode, now we have the mystery of the space heater.

So let's get this straight. The prime minister goes over to someone's house without his wife or children for a party of two people at midnight (*hehe*). The other person was also an important politician. I guess it was a small political party. The prime minister leaves his bodyguards somewhere behind and goes into the house and locks the doors, then proceeds to sit down in an armchair next to a space heater that is burning gas.

- yep, from CodeBlueBlog we have another CSI case to solve!

KGB, With The Space Heater, In The Party House

HeaterThanks to the MHM (Mad House Madman) I went back to a news article I had skipped over previously. You know, sometimes even the most skeptical of us let down our guard for a minute...

I'm referring to the recent deaths of Zurab Zhvania, the prime minister of Georgia, and a political friend, Raul Usupov. They reportedly died of carbon monoxide poisoning while having a little party together...and at first glance it's an easy story to buy into: Two drunken revelers fall asleep in a room with the windows shut...and a space heater burning. 

It's relatively common, so you need to blink a few times and read the news release over a couple of times until you say to yourself: no way.

First of all, the most unlikely demographic for poisoning by carbon monoxide from a space heater is a white male in his 40's. There are a couple of reasons for this.  First, although carbon monoxide is odorless, many people develop mild symptoms like headache and nausea before becoming completely poisoned. It is likely that the two Georgians would have needed a "breath of fresh air"  at sometime during their party to clear out the cobwebs and to dump out their ashtrays.

Second,  most space heater poisonings occur while people are sleeping. This follows from the above issue of mild symptoms; but, it also pertains to the unabated use of the heater while sleeping. When awake, most people down-regulate space heaters at some point because they tend to overheat the premises -- so the size, power, age and make of the murderous space heater in this case would be quite important.

I Wanna Partay With You

Animal_house The  press release says that Zhvania, who is married and has children -- went to the home of the deputy governor of Georgia's Kvemo-Karti region for a "small party."

What is that? Well, a party is:

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Posted by Hyscience at February 12, 2005 1:21 PM

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