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February 5, 2005

A few Questions for Michael Schiavo

Topics: Terri Schiavo's Life Counts

Tonight's post begins the series "Terri Schiavo's Life Matters," and all blogs are invited to participate in this, the begining of a planned blogswarm to run over a 2-3 week period and culminating with the final posts, a blogburst, of the final important release of new information that has never been released previously in the MSM. Blogs will have it first! Email Hyscience for more information.

It's Saturday afternoon and there's not much in the way of truly interesting news going on at the moment, so I think I'll cruise through two large and rather interesting packages of information that I have on my desk regarding Terri Schiavo's case for life.

There is so much here, just where should I start? As I read through the packages, actually two nicely compiled and orderly spiral-bound books of information, I see that there is some startling information that hasn't been previously made available to the public, while much of the other information has been "out there" but simply dropped by most media except The Empire Journal and a few others.


After some inquires I now know that much of the information was "dumped" by Michael Schiavo's attorney "at the door" (so to speak) of the attorneys for Terri's parents. Michael's attorney almost certainly must have expected that it would take an enormous amount of time and money to sort out, and by then it wouldn't matter because Terri was expected to be dead. And, as it turns out, it did take a very long time to sort out, years not months, and the most crucial evidence was overlooked, twice, but finally, only very recenly, it was discovered, compiled, checked, reviewed, and packaged.

That important information is now sitting in front of me, and because I've just now finished reading it and it looks like we have a little time before Michael and Judge George Greer will have another opportunity to kill Terri, let's take a few days to go through the packages.

Perhaps we should first simply review some of the "already documented" information from sworn affidavits available from court records. I believe that my readers and the readers of the many other blogs that will be picking up on this story, will be interested in the answers to a few questions that only Michael can answer.

Let's start with the matter of Michael's "Denial of Therapy, Rehabilitation and Necessary Services" (FS 744.3215 Rights of persons determined incapacitated, and FS 837.021 Perjury by contradictory statements).

Contrary to what is reported by Michael Schiavo, Terri Schiavo's legal guardian, and his attorneys, records indicate that Terri Schiavo has not received a swallowing test to determine if she could swallow since sometime in 1992.

Terri's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, have the testimony of several physicians and have submitted additional affidavits to the court since the original January 2000 trial stating that, with proper therapy, Terri could be taught to not only eat food again, but also speak.

Furthermore, a speech therapist from the University of Chicago, Ms Sara Green Mele, MS, CCC-SLP, submitted an affidavit in 2002 stating that after thoroughly studying tapes and reading Terri's medical files strongly believes that Terri can be taught to once again swallow food, and also be taught to speak again. In fact, Ms Mele believes that Terri is communicating right now. Additionally, Ms. Mele stated that she has treated patients in worse condition than Terri that have been successfully re-taught to swallow and consume food.

Michael Schiavo has brought contradictory testimony from doctors to the court stating that Terri cannot swallow food. They claim that it would be very dangerous to see of Terri is able to eat and could cause her to aspirate, which could then lead to a painful death by choking.

The Judge in this case, George Greer, has sided with Michael Schiavo's doctors believing that Terri cannot be taught to eat again and therefore has refused to grant even a test to see if this in fact would be true.

Therefore, Judge Greer has denied any swallowing therapy believing that a potential death by aspiration and choking is more agonizing than his order to have Terri die by starvation and dehydration.

Note: In the January 2000 trial, Michael Schiavo was asked by his attorney if there was some type of therapy that could possibly help Terri would he provide it for her.

Michael's answer was that he would be there in a heartbeat.

Question number one for Michael Schiavo:
Why, Michael did you lie to your attorney, knowing that there were and are experts that disagree with your doctors as to Terri's capacity to regain her ability to swallow and speak? Why wouldn't you err on the side of life, rather than decide that she should die by starvation and dehydration instead of having an opportunity to live?

Records show that in 1992 Michael Schiavo, Terri Schiavo's legal guardian, sued Terri's gynecologist for negligent care. During this weeklong trial, Michael testified, assuring the judge and jury that he needed millions of dollars to properly care for Terri, bring her home, and provide Terri with proper therapy and care for the rest of her life.

Contrary to Michael's testimony, medical records indicate that after receiving the proceeds of the 1992 Medical Malpractice Trial totaling close to one million dollars not a single day of proper therapy or rehabilitation has been administered to Terri Schiavo, and Terri has been confined to a bed.

In fact, the spring of 1993, just several months after Michael Schiavo promised to provide life-long therapy and care for his wife, Michael revealed his first attempt to end Terri's life testifying that he was instructing caregivers not to treat Terri's life-threatening infection.

In 1995, Michael Schiavo again attempted to end Terri's life in this manner by refusing Terri proper medical treatment.

In 1998, with close to eight hundred thousand dollars in Terri's fund, Michael Schiavo petitioned the court to remove Terri's feeding and hydration tube so that she would die.

Michael Schiavo is the inheritor of Terri's medical trust.

In summary Michael, Why have you refused several recommendations for Terri's continued therapies? 

In April of 1991, about a year after her collapse, therapists at Bradenton Mediplex Rehabilitation Center determined that Terri's condition was improving and recommended Michael have her transferred to Gainesville Rehabilitation Center to receive advanced therapy so she could continue her recovery.

But by July, Michael had instead moved her to Sable Palms Nursing Home, with no such therapy.

Later, he refused to allow therapies that her parents believed might have allowed her to swallow, so she would not have to rely on a feeding tube.

Posted by Hyscience at February 5, 2005 10:00 PM

Jeb Bush- For God's sake do what is right in Terri's case. You're the Chief Exec. Tell Terri's husband to take off- live with his unmarried wife of his two children.Her husband has no right to make any decission about Terri. He disclaimed her when he took off.

Posted by: Ed Chartier Sr. at February 17, 2005 3:29 PM

Let Terri die with dignity.

Posted by: John at March 20, 2005 7:24 PM

Someone please make Murder Mike pay back all the lawsuit money that was not used for Terry..that money from what I have been hearing and reading was for Terry not for court costs...I have based my opinion of the schiavo family on Murder Mike and his actions..and I think there is only one person that has made the schiavo family name black and that is brother mike...

Posted by: blanche schnur at April 4, 2005 12:41 PM

Can't anyone with any sense see that Michael Schiavo denied Terri simple pleasures like, looking out a window, fresh air, flowers, music, and therapy only because he did not want to spend any of the money he received from the lawsuit. He doesn't care about Terri. He wants her dead so he can marry his fiance. As soon as he committed adultery, the Schindlers should have filed for divorce on Terri's behalf and sought to be appointed guardians. Truly, Michael Schiavo must be in a conflict and cannot possibly have his "wife's" best interests at heart. I can only trust that Michael Schiavo will get what he deserves in the end. May he rot in hell! Mary Schindler summed it up simply when she said, "Michael and Jodi, you have two children. Please, please give my child back to me." Why couldn't he just move on. What has our society come to when a Judge (and I use the term lightly) allows a disabled woman to starve to death for 13 days. I do not understand why the Judge could not have granted the Schindlers to be guardians of their daughter and designated the money for her care. As a parent, I can only imagine the pain the Schindler family must have felt to stand by helpless and watch their daughter/sister die. What has society come to? Someone said in a posting .... Floriduh! I believe Floridians should truly be embarassed of their Court's decision in this matter. When I see pictures of Terri gazing off, I have to believe, for my own peace of mind, that she sees her guardian angel waiting to take her home. She is with God now and I believe, at peace. Let's hope Michael Schiavo is not at peace and bombarded with mail letting him know just how horrible he truly is!

Posted by: Carla at April 4, 2005 11:04 PM

Michael and Jodi (his live in girl friend) had Michael's loving wife Terri cremated , I take it they wants Terri's friends and all the public that came to love her and tried to save her life from starvation and dehydration to leave their condolences at their home at

Posted by: Taylor at April 5, 2005 10:01 PM

Michael Schiavo is undeniably the one of biggest money grabbing, wife beating, manipulative,inconsiderate assholes this planet has ever seen! how can someone be cruel to someone they once vowed to love for ever?

Posted by: joe simington at June 1, 2005 11:08 AM

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