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February 8, 2005

50 Marines to the Super Bowl

Topics: National News

I've been holding out on my one obligatory Super Bowl post, and this is the only worthy candidate I've found so far. My beloved Marine Corp is the subject - brother Marines were the recipients of 50 free tickets to the once a year national event courtesy of the Cleveland Browns.

Fifty Marines got a special thank you for their service from the NFL's Cleveland Browns--a free trip to Sunday's Super Bowl. The Browns donated 50 tickets along the 50-yard line to the football championship between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots for Marines who have served or will serve in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Some of the tickets, which cost $500 and $600 each, were passed out to stunned Marines on Friday at Camp Lejeune. Tickets also were given out at Parris Island training base in South Carolina, Reserve Command in New Orleans and Central Command in Tampa.

"I've been pinching myself all day," said Lance Cpl. Tony Agosto, 22, a heavy-equipment mechanic from New York. "I feel like a kid on Christmas Day."

Like most Marines from the east coast, I remember Paris Island all too well, and of course who can forget Camp Lejeune and the Second Marine Division located in the bar capital of the world (probably no longer - don't want to be in trouble with the folks in J'ville, N.C.) Those Marines deserve those tickets, and although they were gifts, they earned them.

Hat tip - The Political Teen

Posted by Hyscience at February 8, 2005 1:28 PM

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