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January 27, 2005

Vietnam Bird Flu Survivor Recalls Horror

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(...)  HANOI, Vietnam - When Nguyen Thanh Hung first heard he had bird flu, he knew he had to stay awake despite a crushing headache and raging fever that fueled his unquenchable thirst. Days earlier, he'd watched his older brother battle the same symptoms, fade into a coma and die.

(...)  Last year, the avian influenza virus spread to 10 Asian countries, killing or forcing the slaughter of more than 100 million birds. A total of 41 people in Vietnam and Thailand have died of it since the outbreak began. There's no vaccine or treatment, and about 70 percent of those infected have died.

This follows my Jan 26 post on the Australian article that AUSTRALIA might have to consider diverting some of its stockpile of antiviral drugs to Asian countries in a bid to stop a feared worldwide epidemic of bird flu.

(...)  Experts have suggested the move to halt the progress of avian influenza, which was this week credited in a leading medical journal with its first case of human-to-human transmission.

(...)  An editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine warned that the H5N1 virus that causes avian flu - which killed 32 people in eight Asian countries in an outbreak in 2004 - had become more dangerous, and had increased the number of animals besides birds it could infect.

In my Jan 26 post I cautioned that - "THERE ARE TWO PROBLEMS WITH THIS NEWS."   
1. It isn't the first human to human transmission!  and.....
2. The H5N1 now has an Amantidine-resistant (one of the very few drugs to use against it) strain

For more on avian influenza refer to this previous post.

Hat tip - Drudge Report

Posted by Hyscience at January 27, 2005 1:09 PM

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