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January 27, 2005

Security Forces Tighten Grip in Babel

Topics: Iraq Elections

Blogger Intisar, reporting from Babel province, says security forces are clamping down.

Since the countdown for election day has started, security forces are tightening their grip on the city, especially after a polling center was blown up in Mahaweel, north of Babel.

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This step was described by the police spokesman in Babel as the last breath for terrorism, after having deployed secret and regular security forces especially in hot spots at the north of the governorate. A plan was set by the Babel police department to reduce the movement of large and small vehicles including motorcycles. Violators will be fired upon unless having a special badge allowing the passage of their vehicle.


The sites of the electoral centers, which number 260 in the governorate, not counting secondary centers covering 2-3 thousand voters in rural areas, have been set. The rumors are that a number of polling centers in a hot spot north of Babel may be moved to more secure places. However, the IECI spokesman in Babel, Qais Al Hasnawi, declared that the IECI has decided to keep these centers in their places and will coordinated with the Babel police to ensure full security coverage to voters in these areas. The IECI closed its doors to political party delegates on Monday January 24, and started accepting volunteers from the governorate citizens to supervise the electoral process in Al Ramadi governorate. Mr. Hasnawi said that there are 550 volunteers to work as observers in polling centers in Al Ramadi. This number is enough to assist voters with election day getting closer. This step has the blessing of the high religious authority, who considers it a religious duty, as declared by Mr. Al Sistani's representative in the governorate.

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Posted by Hyscience at January 27, 2005 9:01 PM

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