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January 3, 2005

Of Four Newspapers Checked - All Four Fail 'Good News' Challenge of Iraqi Translator.

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In my last night's post entitled "Iraqis Cracking Down on Terrorists" I reported on a challenge made by an Iraqi translator that had provided Powerline with numerous accounts of good news from Iraq. The translator had suggested that Powerline check the local newspapers today and see how many of the 'good news' events actually were reported on in the MSM.

So I decided to take the matter one step further by listing additional 'good news' accounts of Iraqi blogger Hammorabi for the same day, yesterday, thereby providing a wide range of accounts collaborated by two different Iraqi sources, all of which could be classified as 'good news' events. This gave the MSM ample opportunity to report on at least one of many 'good news' events. The results on the challenge are in, the MSM has been graded (at least the four newspapers checked at random, one foreign and 3 American), and not one single good news event made it into the MSM. The New York Times actually found more bad news to report than any of the other three papers.

BBC News UK Jan 3 has no mention of any of the "good news" events, and instead reports:

(...) A suicide car bomb has exploded near the party offices of Iraqi interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, killing two policemen, officials said.

(...)  At least 20 other Iraqis were injured in Monday morning's blast in Baghdad.

(...) Insurgents have intensified attacks against Iraqi and US forces, as part of their efforts to disrupt the elections to a constitutional assembly.

(...) On Sunday, at least 23 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack on a bus carrying Iraqi soldiers north of Baghdad.

(...) Three Iraqi insurgent groups have told Iraqis not to vote in the election.

(...) And Iraq's main Sunni political grouping, the Iraqi Islamic Party, has already called for a boycott of the elections because it argues that the violence in central and northern Iraq makes a free and fair vote impossible.

Chicago Sun Times Jan 3 has no mention of any of the "good news" events, and instead reports:

(...)  Insurgents kill 22 Iraqi soldiers.

(...)   Insurgents exposed the vulnerability of Iraq's security forces again Sunday, killing 22 National Guardsmen, seven police officers and several civilians in separate attacks with elections just weeks away.

(...)  The worst attack Sunday occurred north of Baghdad when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives-laden vehicle next to a bus carrying Iraqi National Guard troops.

(...)   Guerrillas also launched a spate of other assaults across the country Sunday, killing an Iraqi soldier, seven police officers, a local government leader and a Muslim cleric, bringing Sunday's toll to 33.

(...)   Mosul saw insurgents rise up and overwhelm several police stations in November as well as kill more than 100 National Guard troops.

Washington Post Jan 3 has no mention of any of the "good news" events, and instead reports:

(...)   Suicide Blast Kills 29 in Iraq Shiites in Balad Blame the Town's Sunni Police Force.

(...)   A car bombing killed 29 people north of Baghdad Sunday morning when attackers pulled up in a vehicle alongside a bus carrying Iraqi National Guardsmen and detonated explosives.

(...)  The attack left a grim air in the city. Brothers and fathers claimed the torn bodies of the young guardsmen, pulled from what remained of their bus. Shopkeepers closed their doors.

(...)  "This operation, they did it to stop the elections," said Haider Abdulzahra Mehdi, 32, standing beside the body of his brother, Abbas, in a Shiite community center in Balad. His head was bowed in grief, his eyes rimmed in red.

New York Times Jan 3 has no mention of any of the "good news" events, and instead remarkably finds even more bad news to report:

(...)   Rebels Continue to Disrupt Iraqi Campaign With Repeated Attacks.

(...)    Insurgents pressed their unrelenting campaign to demolish the fledgling Iraqi security forces on Sunday, killing 18 members of the Iraqi National Guard and a civilian with a suicide car bomb north of Baghdad, the United States Army said, and killing several police officers and local officials in other attacks around the country.

(...)   The Associated Press reported on another blast in Baghdad Monday morning. A suicide car bomb that detonated near Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's party headquarters Monday, killing 2 police officers and injuring 14 other Iraqis.

(...)   Scores of national guard and police officers have been killed in the last few weeks alone as insurgents have sought to cripple the interim government and disrupt national elections scheduled for Jan. 30.

(...)   The car bomb attack on Sunday, near Balad, the site of an American air base about 50 miles north of Baghdad, was one of the deadliest blasts in months and punctuated a week in which insurgents have aggressively attacked Iraqi security forces.

(...)   Several other attacks on security forces and officials were reported Sunday by domestic and foreign news agencies, mostly based on police reports. Neither the interim Iraqi government nor the American military issues a complete accounting of each day's violence.

(...)   In Samarra, also in the Sunni heartland north of Baghdad, three police officers were shot dead while on patrol, according to news reports, while a national guard officer was killed in Kirkuk. A deputy governor of Diyala Province, in the same north-central region, was killed.

(...)   An American soldier was killed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad on Saturday, the Army said. Two other soldiers were reported wounded in Baghdad on Sunday in a suicide attack by a car bomber.

(...)   Six days earlier in Baghdad, a suicide car bomber attacked the headquarters of the leading Shiite religious party, killing nine people at the front gate.

I am interested in Powerline's findings, hopefully they can find some good news to report on from the MSM. So far, at least in all four MSM sources I checked, not a single print source reported any of the numerous 'good news' events reported by the Powerline translator and the Iraqi blogger.

Posted by Hyscience at January 3, 2005 7:14 AM

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