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January 27, 2005

New drug hope for breast cancer patients

Topics: Clinical Pharmacology

- nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor

A STUDY researchers are describing as a milestone in breast cancer treatment has found a new class of drugs is more effective than existing medication in preventing the disease recurring.

The findings, to be announced at a cancer conference in Switzerland this morning, will pressure health officials to review treatments for the disease, Australian researchers involved in the study said yesterday.

The trial, known as the Breast International Group 1-98 study, is one of the largest breast cancer trials ever conducted, involving 8000 women, including more than 800 from Australia and New Zealand.

The results show the drug letrozole, sold as Femara, is more successful at preventing the recurrence of breast cancer in the five years after surgery than Tamoxifen, the most commonly used drug.

John Forbes, professor of surgical oncology at the University of Newcastle and a member of the international steering committee for the trial, said it was one of the most significant breakthroughs he had seen in the past 25 years.    More at

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