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January 24, 2005


Topics: National News

- hat tip Jawa Report

 From Kevin McCullough's Weblog comes what Kevin calls "A truly disgusting policy" in refering to what is being carried out at the University of Oregon." Kevin's article is given first. The University's response follows in the extended post, and claims that the issue is regarding a state-owned vehicle, not a private vehicle. Further, it seems that some left-winged liberal anti-war person on the "left coast" there in Oregon complained to the administration about the yellow ribbon being on a university "state vehicle" and it was this complaint that the university reacted to by choosing to cave-in rather than support our troops that are dying in battle so that the left-winger can continue having the right to protest against our troops in battle. (clear enough?) The story:

Magnetic Yellow Ribbons that say "Support The Troops" have been surreptitiously banned by the administration at the University of Oregon.    (emphasis added)

The origin of the policy was a complaint from a fellow employee and the claim was that the sticker was in fact a "political statement".

The employee who had the magnetic ribbons had put them on his vehicle months previous - but Friday a university employee complained.

So let's review...
1. University employees at the University of Oregon are not allowed to support the troops who defend those employees' freedoms and the security they live under.
2. "Supporting the troops" is deemed a political much for the "We all support the troops" talking points.
3. Even if this WAS political expression - university employees are not allowed to express themselves politically? (time for Instapundit or the PowerLine gurus to weigh in on the legalities of University Campus political expression?)

Since when did the Bill of Rights have to undergo perusal and permission of the Administration of the University of Oregon?    (emphasis added)

I think a blog swarm/storm on this should be formed immediately.

The very least we Americans should be allowed to do is to support those who fight and too many times die to allow the rest of us to live free...    (emphasis added)

Office of President Dave Frohnmayer
PHONE HIM:541-346-3036

The University Response :

Statement by Dan Williams, vice president for administration

My office received a complaint that a University of Oregon fleet vehicle had inappropriate political decals attached. The complainant argued that the decals made a political statement and that state resources and equipment may not be used for political purposes. It is unclear if the decals are in fact a political statement. However, some may view them as a such and therefore I have directed staff to remove the decals in order to make sure we are in compliance with state restrictions prohibiting public entities from using state resources for political purposes.

Contact: Pauline Austin, (541) 346-3129,

Posted by Hyscience at January 24, 2005 12:26 PM

This is OUTRAGEOUS. Thanks for the heads up that the quacks at the University of Oregon are BANNING employees from sticking those ribbons on University-owned vehicles.

Don't those quacks know this is a war about LIBERATION???

The United States has liberated many iraqis from their electricity and water supplies. Every day, Uncle Sam liberates more and more Marines from their arms and legs.

This is truly a travesty. Thanks for letting us know.

Keep up the good work!!

Posted by: df at January 31, 2005 6:22 PM

Umm, the yellow magnets mean nothing, we all support our troops with the taxes we pay. Magnets are a political statement. Wanna support out troops? Send them a gift package. The magnets just a way of showing what your political thoughts are. They dont really support anything. People with those magnets get a certain feeling by having them on their car, and thats why they buy them. Although some do send money and gifts, most just have the magnet and claim to be supporters. I could understand maybe if the magnet was issued as a reward for a donation given, like those stickers that you get when you donate to the cops. But they are not they are just political statements.

Posted by: US1 at June 14, 2005 11:31 AM

The yellow magnets do support something!! They support the wonderfull and brave gas stations that sell them.

Posted by: I agreee at June 14, 2005 11:34 AM

God bless the gas stations...

Posted by: ahhhh at June 14, 2005 11:37 AM

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