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January 29, 2005

Iraq Elections have begun

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The Iraq elections began at 11 PM (ET)

Has the MSM been caught again? -  "A Very Special Effect"
Looking at the latest pictures of pre-election violence in Iraq, this little gem fairly leapt out at me. Look at the pictures carefully, then read the analysis below.

Iraqi Expats Dance for Joy After Voting
-- Abdul al-Najr woke up early Saturday with his wife, piled into a car with three friends and drove 250 miles from St. Louis to the polling place here, where jubilant Iraqis danced and held hands in the steady, cold rain.

Iraq's choice: Terror or freedom
DEMOCRACY arrives in Iraq today amid an oppressive climate of fear and tension. Last night it took on the appearance of a nation facing impending war as a massive pre-election security clampdown turned its major cities into ghost towns.

Brave Iraqis risk death for democracy
AMONG the campaign posters plastered around Baghdad is a "stop the terror against women" campaign. It features a photograph of Margaret Hassan, the British-Iraqi aid worker whose kidnap and murder last year shocked the world.

I voted in the Iraqi elections

Election Employees Return to Work
"Today the employees of the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI) returned to their jobs after an absence of one day.

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