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January 16, 2005

Drug Reduces Frequency of MS Relapses

Topics: Clinical Pharmacology

Of interest to the MS patients that read Hyscience is the article in Health Day News on Tysabri. This drug is the first humanized monoclonal antibody approved for the treatment of MS, and acts by inhibiting adhesion molecules (docking devices) on the surface of immune cells lymphocytes. This treatment sounds promising but I'd like to see much more data over a longer period of time. MS patients should always take into account the long-term effects of the immunosuppressive effects resulting from their MS medications. This drug should be less immunosuppressive than the standard ABCs, but I was unable to find studies on the immunosuppressive effects of Tysabri, specifically. Any treatment program for MS should always include diet and life-style changes, the latter of these should be focused on stress reduction, but more importantly - to how you react to stress.

FRIDAY, Jan. 14 (HealthDayNews) by Robert Preidt
Once-a-month intravenous therapy with the drug Tysabri appears to reduce relapses among people with multiple sclerosis (MS), according to a Rush University Medical Center study.

"We have seen a dramatic two-thirds reduction in the relapse rate and a significant decrease in the development of new or enhancing brain MRI lesions, which also point to controlling the disease. I believe this is a major advancement that will benefit patients with MS," Dr. Dusan Stefoski, a neurologist and director of the Rush MS Center, said in a prepared statement.

The Rush MS Center is taking part in a Phase III clinical study of Tysabri.

In November 2004, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Tysabri as a treatment for all relapsing forms of MS. The drug is now available for general use in appropriate MS patients.

MS relapses, also known as attacks or exacerbations, consist of sudden, new or worsening old symptoms of MS. Tysabri is the first humanized monoclonal antibody approved by the FDA for the treatment of MS.    SOURCE: Rush University Medical Center, news release, Jan. 10, 2005

You can download product information about Tysabri here...
The telephone number for information is 1-800-456-2255
You can read what the FDA News report has on Tysabri here.
You can read the National MS Society Bulletin here.
The cost of the drug is $1,808 per dose or $23,504 per year.

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I like your new look; I think that it expresses Hyscience well. Now if I could just do something over at my place...

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