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January 30, 2005

BBC News: Reporters' log: Iraqi elections

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Voting is under way across to elect a transitional Iraqi assembly amid unprecedented security and threats from Iraqi insurgents to attack polling booths. 

BBC correspondents report on the latest events from across the region.

Ben Brown : Basra : 0410 GMT
Well, I'm standing outside the Markul (ph) polling station in central Basra - polling station number 935, where they were so eager to get voting under way that the polling station actually opened five minutes early.

Jim Muir : Arbil : 0457 GMT
Some of the first voters waiting in the cold dawn said they had come early to avoid the rush that's expected later in the day. People have to make their way to the polls on foot - all cars are banned from the roads except for those with special passes.

Christian Fraser : Ali Alghabi : 0530 GMT
Voters from the outlying villages arrived last night, many of them bussed in by local leaders. Inside the school it all seemed to be going smoothly. Each voter was given a quick body search before being shown into the voting room.

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