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January 2005

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January 31, 2005

'Bio-barcoding' promises early Alzheimer's diagnosis
They walked, came by wheelchair or cart, some were carried - and then they voted
Kofi Annan's son admits role in oil-for food scam
Now Let US Work Together Pleads Allawi

January 30, 2005

Avian Influenza continues to Kill - Viets report 12th bird flu death
Foreign bombers behind Baghdad blasts
The Warmest in 1000 Years? Revisiting the Hockey Stick
Arabs Mesmerized by Iraqi Elections
Curious about Math?
Lesson from forefathers helped spare Island at quake epicentre
Bishops' Office Launches Ads to Dispel Myths of Legal Abortion, USA
Doctors make eye cells see light
Avian Influenza update: CDC Issues Advice to Travelers
Election day photos from the air
Iraq election photos
Iraq poll 'blow' to global terror
Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution: Yes to Democracy, No to Terror and Despotism
The March of Freedom Has Begun - it's called Democracy!
Official Voting Period for Iraq's Polls Ends
The Historic Day Has Come
Passive smoking triples children's cancer risk
One dead in attack near Iraq polling station
BBC News: Reporters' log: Iraqi elections
Life-or-death choice on 1st Election Day
From Back to Iraq - Election Day
Online Live Election Coverage From Kurdistan
President launches Iraq election

January 29, 2005

Iraq Elections have begun
Bird flu claims 11th Vietnamese victim
Two Killed at U.S. Embassy on Eve of Vote
Suicide Bomber Kills Eight
Iraq Elections - Tomorow!
Report: Saudis spread hate through U.S. mosques

January 28, 2005

A Tribute to Father Ted
Why Won't Michael Schiavo Just Let Terri Go Home?
Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee Calls Immigration Reform Legislation Racist, Un-Christian
Iraq sealed off for poll
Joyful Iraqi Exiles Vote in Landmark Election
Iraqi Christians targeted ahead of election
Genetic variant that may explain why women develop MS more than men, new research
Campaigning for elections by Text-Messages (SMS)
From Iraq the Model - Go Iraq...go!
Mad cow' disease found in goat
Still Coming: Bird flu found in another 17 spots
240 Volunteers To Patrol Arizona Border Documenting Governments Failure
Zarqawi Network Collapse Continuing?
Mother who died for her unborn child may become saint

January 27, 2005

Challenger - A Flight Surgeon Remembers
Terrorist's clothing found in Texas?
Bird flu transmitted between humans: study
Kuwaiti 'slit daughter's throat'
New drug hope for breast cancer patients
Security Forces Tighten Grip in Babel
Never Forget: Remembering the Wannsee Conference and the Liberation of Auschwitz
Thursday Afternoon Blog Round Up
Aceh's tsunami relief effort 'in chaos'
N.Korea Has Purchased Complete Nuclear Bomb - Report
Hey Nicaragua, What about those SAM-7s?
Vietnam Bird Flu Survivor Recalls Horror
Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy
For Putin, Cold War never ended: Russia, Syria sign agreement for major arms deal

January 26, 2005

Sistani's blessings.
Bush Tells Iran to Stay Out of Iraq Vote
Pheromone spray ups post-menopausal romance
Israel Warns of Nuke Development in Iran and Syria
Hallums Family Reacts to Hostage Video, $12 million dollar ranson demand made
FBI: Some trained 'jihadists' are in Oregon
Islamists distribute letter of plans to disrupt elections.
Can vegetable extracts prevent cervical cancer? New study
Iran will give 'astonishing' response
Arab Columnists: Terrorists are Motivated by Cultural and Religious Factors, Not Poverty
Tunisian Progressive:'Islamism is The Mother of All Big Lies'
Iraqi Pilgrims Protest Delay in Departure

January 25, 2005

Avian flu fighters eye drug stockpile
Plant diets can ward off cancer
It Just Keeps Coming: Bird flu fears hit tsunami-wrecked region
FBI: Boston Terror Tip Was a False Alarm
On " More about that very curious plane
The Ultimate Prisoner Abuse 101: Militants release hostage video
Militant Imams Under Scrutiny Across Europe
Web logs come of age as source of news

January 24, 2005

Iraq's new leaders will likely be secular
Tsunami Impact: In relief camps dignity sells for a pittance
LGF: The Left Will Call it Propaganda
Iraqi insurgents saving up for major attack: US general
Immigration Drastically Changing The Face Of New York City
'Serious danger' Iraq could become terror haven
US and Iraqi forces hunt Zarqawi in Fallujah
Oldest mother 'regrets abortions'
Bomb Wounds 10 Close to Iraqi PM's Office
Iraqi Forces Seize Top Zarqawi Aide in Iraq
Mobilise against Iran: Israel
Study Finds No Explaining Weeping Madonna
Hostage shooting posted online

January 23, 2005

Pope's plea as doctors admit killing sick babies
On "Love the West" - A Moderate Muslim Speaks Out!
Lone tsunami survivor found on island
Abbas: Talks with militants to yield cease-fire 'very soon'
Bird Flu Pandemic Could Hit Tsunami Proportions
Ahead of Iraqi elections, Al Qaeda group arrested for planning attack in Iraq
Pentagon's secret spy unit broadens Rumsfeld's power
Con: Should the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision stand?

January 22, 2005

Rebecca Blood on Weblog ethics
Opium trade is halal in Islam: Bara scholar
Abortionist 'flushed babies down toilet'
Fugitive Seen As Link Between 9-11, Madrid
Vietnam reports two more bird flu deaths: CDC says an influenza pandemic possible with high rates of illness and death
Catholic church will bury the ashes of up to 1,000 aborted fetuses
Boston Terror Plot Suspect in Custody
Alzheimer brain damage 'reversed'
Outrage as Somali militia dig up Italian graves
Al Qaeda-linked group claims killing of 15 Iraqi soldiers
Film of beheadings shown on Net
Israel's Christian Population

January 21, 2005

'Homosexuality weapon' rejected by Pentagon
The Left Will Call it Propaganda
Japan joins Bush's drive against tyranny in 2nd term
Newsday Goes All The Way Dhimmi
Daytime Beheading Of Policeman In Baghdad Streets: Where is the MSM outcry over the terrorist's abuse of their prisoner?
Urgent: Human Shields Needed ASAP
Bombers wreak new carnage in Iraq
Russia, Syria work super-weapons deal
Caloric Restriction and Life Expectancy
Inside information on the New Jersey murders

January 20, 2005

Boston Update: A Tunnel near San Diego?
FBI Adds 10 Names to List in Boston Threat
MI5 plans Scottish base to target terrorists
January 2005 BlogBurst update: Remembering the Holocaust
Bostonians Wary Amid FBI Manhunt, Possible Threat
Is God in Your Brain? - Neurotheology
Iran's Political and Military Leadership Call for Martyrdom (Shahada)
Zarqawi warns insurgents victory may take years
President Bush Vows to End 'Tyranny in Our World'
Islamic Scholars Call For Hostage Release
Tsunami survivors 'eating leaves'
Bird flu may evolve into epidemic: WHO
Tsunami decimates Aceh's child population
Morning's Most Interesting Reads
Terrorist-linked Islamic Charities Responsible for Funneling More than $1 Million in Aid to Central Iraq

January 19, 2005

Second Term!
Boston Agencies Alerted of Possible Terror Threat - UPDATED
Drivers License Fraud Rings, Identity Theft, Terrorism and Illegal Aliens
U.N. backing recognized terrorist groups - Time to dump the UN as a first step toward world peace?
Lets face it America - This Judeo-Christian Nation is facing a religious war (Redux)
Baghdad Car Bombs Kill at Least 26 -- U.S. Army

January 18, 2005

Attack on Iran can't be ruled out: Bush
Frank Must Die - Update
Media's coverage has distorted world's view of Iraqi reality
"We Received Money and Arms from Syria and Iran"
Miracle of little girl plucked from debris
North Korea A Powderkeg; Kim Jong Il Poster Defaced
Radical Islam's Hypocrisy
Beware of grapefruit juice with your medications
Kidnapped Iraqi archbishop freed
Many killed in Iraq attacks

January 17, 2005

Slaying of Catholic family of four in New Jersey may be tied to Islamic extremism
Vatican Says Archbishop Kidnapped in Iraq
Abbas and Qurei recruit PA policemen to fight terror
Bosnian Serbs convicted of genocide charges over Srebrenica 1995 massacre
Sex hormones modulate brain damage in multiple sclerosis
Court forces Muslim women to remove veil

January 16, 2005

Florida's Sun-Sentinel: the newspaper that reads minds
Drug Reduces Frequency of MS Relapses
Taqiyya from American professors
Nine 'mothers' claim tsunami baby
Illegal Aliens And Immigration Reform - The Need To Know!
Top Palestinian Body Urges End to Attacks

January 15, 2005

As sea takes another, a new wave of life
Obtaining forced confessions and vicious treatment of political prisoners in the Islamic Regime
New theory challenges current view of how brain stores long-term memory
Smokers have higher COX-2 levels
'Torture' vs 'Torture' (Redux)
Iraq's government announces election security plan
British train driver compensated for trauma of hitting goat

January 14, 2005

U.S. Prof Attacks Arab Muslim Student's Pro-Americanism
Israel suspends all ties with Palestinians
American high school caves-in to Muslim terrorist front group: Tenn. School Allows Muslim Headscarves
Facing the facts on the Iraqi elections - Get 'em going!
Defeating the Woman-Haters

January 13, 2005

Olive oil acid 'cuts cancer risk'
Iraqi blogger reports inhuman attrocities by terrorists in Iraq.
Syria eager for missiles, experts say
Islamic Army in Iraq Threatens US Attack
Indonesia wants foreign troops out, defends restrictions on tsunami aid
Iraqi rebels steal $17.6m

January 12, 2005

Frank Must Die!
Rattling Cages with Occam's Razor
Michael Chertoff as Director Of Homeland Security - ID roundup
Islamic terrorist suspects held after police raids
British Flight Forced to Turn Back
Would-Be Haji Babas Dress as Haji Mamas to Evade Authorities
Arab TV: "All Intifada, All the Time"
Thousands of Britons may carry vCJD(Human form of mad cow disease)
World Relief Day - It's TODAY!
Which Way Will Abbas Go?
Abu Mazen´s First Terror Victim
Narrow Minded Religiosity in Aceh Aid
Long-term high consumption of red & processed meat linked with higher colon cancer risk
Thailand exhumes tsunami victims as world's largest forensic ID center opens

January 11, 2005

Mary Mapes Exhibits Classic Liberal Style in Rathergate Aftermath
Diabetes, High Glucose Levels Linked to Cancer in Korean Study
Blog roundup - for one.
Loudspeaker Call To Islamize America
Progress toward gene therapy in AIDS: Researchers find monkey gene linked to blocking AIDS
Man Beheaded in Saudi Arabia
Cancer, P53, and apoptosis - Meet Bruce
Fox Features "Muslim Terrorists" in "24" Drama
Analysis / Hezbollah's terror factory in the PA

January 10, 2005

British Muslims called to take up violent jihad - coming to a neighborhood near you!
MyPetJawa is back - Islamists beware!
Tsunami Aid: CQ's World Relief Day Set For January 12
Tsunami impact: Map of 1200 islands needs redrawing
Blog picks of the day
Third Wave In Aceh Is The Miracle Of Humanity
US troops 'did not kill Iraqis'
Allah off the Richter scale
Avian influenza continues: Is their a tsunami of avian influenza brewing?
Prisoner abuse at Guantanamo Bay?

January 9, 2005

Tsunamis won't stop jihadis
Mother faces despair in wasteland
Organic ketchup protects against cancer
Israel to ask Abbas to fight attacks
Tsunami could dredge up new diseases
Protein linked to heart disease
Iraq Sunnis Seek Troop Pullout Timetable
The Iraq Insurgency: Is There A Libyan Direction?
Iraq: Good News From Election Poll
How to Interrogate Terrorists: the need for unorthodox methods when confronted with an unorthodox enemy.
Shooting highlights aid danger
Tsuanamis, Saudis, dollars, and terrorism - truth is so often in the eyes of the beholder.

January 8, 2005

"osama bin laden is the only leader of muslims now"
Al-Zarqawi Aide Held in Iraq - US
Aircraft Laser Incidents Pinned on Gay Club-Goers
Terrorist Propaganda Videos - downloads and comments
Philippine police prevent Muslim militants from murdering Catholics with homemade bombs
Annan wonders where are the people?

January 7, 2005

General Warns of 'Spectacular' Iraq Plots
On " The Disenchanted American" - Is America growing world-weary?
Tsunamis and Terrorism
Blog Posts: Today's top picks
Charity warned to leave religion behind
Tsunami Impact: What's happening to the 'tsunami orphans'?
U.S. General apologizes for Arbil attack
Group linked to al Qaeda starts 'relief' work in Aceh
IAF scrambles jets as Egypt's airliners violate airspace
Neighbors call on Iraqis to vote
Saudis boost aid to wave victims
China to outlaw selective abortion

January 6, 2005

Hollywood Discovers Radical Islam
Antibiotics 'block nerve damage'
Roadside Bomb Kills Seven Soldiers in Iraq
Hillary shakes hand with Soldier - Survival school sign say's he's coerced!
Suicide Bomber Video From Iraq
Understanding Islam Part I - Does Islam permit lying?
Kurdistan Update on the U.S. Special Forces Operation in Irbil
On Lasers and Aircraft - are terrorists sighting-up aircraft for missile attacks?
Tsunami 'miracle' woman pregnant
Smart bombs developed to target cancer tumours
Jordan rallies support for Iraq poll
Christian Cross to be banned from inaugural parade - says secret service
US says new sanctions on Syria "an option"
Bodies of 18 Young Iraqis Found in Mosul
Arthritis Medicines and Cardiovascular Events--"House of Coxibs"
Voluteers for Tsunami Relief
Kurdish Blogger Friendly to U.S. Accuses U.S. Forces of attack on innocents in Irbil (Hawler), current capital of Kurdistan

January 5, 2005

Iran boosts air defenses at nuke sites
Anatomy of a Spy Satellite
Newest Precision-Guided Humor Assignment: Boosting Osama's Ratings
Curries may prevent Alzheimers
Tsunami Impact: Free fares for volunteers
U.N. Warns Tsunami Death Toll Could Double
Tsunami Impact: Long wait for food in Aceh
On "Iraq Intel Head Sees End to Violence"
Israeli Researchers Make Progress in Fighting Prostate Cancer
Car bomb hits Iraq police academy
Update from Kurdistan on the Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab Al-Zarkawi
Tsunami Impact: Malaysian Gov't Playing Politics With Aid?
Concern for 'tsunami generation' increases
Rape, gang rape reported in Sri Lanka
New Jersey Man Charged In Laser Probe

January 4, 2005

Tsunami Aid: CQ's World Relief Day Set For January 12
Tsunami Update: Updates from Colachel and Kanyakumari in TN
How Did The Tribes Survive?
Tsunami bloggers forge tribal news network
U.S. jets buzz Iran airspace
Obtaining forced confessions and vicious treatment of political prisoners in the Islamic Regime
(Xinhuanet - China) -- Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian terrorist mastermind, was captured in Iraq, reported Tuesday Al Bayan, a daily newspaper of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Iraqi blogger Update to the question, "Is Abu Mosaab Zarqawi Arrested?"
Powerful explosion rocks Baghdad's Green Zone
Tribe shoots arrows at aid flight
Zarqawi Group, al-Qaeda In Iraq, Claims Assassination Of Baghdad Governor - Releases Video
Thousands facing amputations
Modern War, Unlike Tsunami, Comes in Dribs and Drabs
Thousands Need Water in Aceh, Disease Emerges
Arabic newspaper "Al Bayan" reported on Tuesday that terrorist leader Abu Musad az-Zarkawi had been arrested in Iraq.
Palestinian Abbas Calls Israel 'The Zionist Enemy'
Governor of Baghdad assassinated
Child trafficking concerns add to tsunami woes

January 3, 2005

COMING TO AMERICA: How to be an illegal
Powell 'Disturbed' by Campaign Picture of Abbas With Terrorists
Obesity linked to kidney cancer
Nasa rocket to be launched on a collision course with comet
Tsunami Roy - Miracle of the baby named for disaster
Girl saved tourists thanks to school lesson
US pushes aid plan to avert terror
Islamic Army in Iraq threatens attacks in US: website
Iraq battling more than 200,000 insurgents: intelligence chief
Al-Qaeda seeks toxins for biowarfare attack: "Only a thin wall of terrorist ignorance and inexperience now protects us"
Moment a father's heart was broken
5000 Americans unaccounted for
Saudi Student Was Mosul Mess Tent Suicide Bomber
Iraq National Guards arrest 228 suspected rebels
Abbas vows never to take up arms against militants
Three shot dead in Aceh: reports
Lives in Brief - effects of the tsunami disaster
Pew: Blog readership is up and so is the number of bloggers.
Of Four Newspapers Checked - All Four Fail 'Good News' Challenge of Iraqi Translator.
N. Korea challenges U.S. approach
Warning: Australian 'aid' website under investigation
After tsunami disaster, Sri Lankan officials investigate reports of child rapes

January 2, 2005

Maldivian 'ghost island' worse than Fallujah
World bid to save millions
At large in the US? Over 3,500 illegal immigrants from Muslim countries who have disobeyed orders to leave the country
Iraqis Cracking Down on Terrorists
Iran Confirms Death Verdict Against Woman
Avian influenza - situation in Viet Nam
Iraqi insurgents waging 'all-out war' on oil industry: minister
CAIR -Council on American Islamic Relations defendant in 9/11 class action lawsuit - linked to Al Qaeda
Tsunami aid now $2B; new floods hit Asia

January 1, 2005

How do you aid a town that has ceased to exist?
New batch of US-troops arrives in Mosul
al-Qaida Video Shows Police Execution
Beach of the Dead
Happy New Year