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December 23, 2004

Yuschenko's Disease: Medblogger suggests a tale of two poisons.

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Interesting and informative medical detective work going on at CodeBlueBlog. His Dec 22 post on Yuschenko's "dioxin poisoning" episode is now a day old, but I somehow missed it yesterday. It appears that the Rudolfinerhaus clinic may be more of a "Betty Ford" clinic than a place to go for critical care - which is where one with an acute medical problem would be expected to head to pronto. CodeBlueBlog just isn't convinced that Ukraine opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko's disfigurement is do solely to dioxin poisoning, and neither am I. Actually, the entire story has smelled medically fishy from the start and since there are drugs that can also cause chloracne, with Yuschenko's drinking history who knows what all is involved. However CodeBlueBlog's analysis and opine gets my vote as the most likely analysis to hit the nail on the head.

Here is his short version to peak your interest:

STAT CodeBlueBlog Summary

Yushchenko seems to have been exposed to a large amount of Dioxin (barring outright medical fraud at multiple locations). This was not why he was admitted to Rudolfinerhaus

The chronology of the exposure to Dioxin, the manifestation of symptoms, and the appearance of Chloracne does not fit the chronology of the claims made by Yushchenko and the Rudolfinerhaus clinic

Yushchenko drank too much the night of September 5th 2004, and he likely drinks too much frequently.

Actual test results obtained from Rudolfinerhaus show conclusively that Yushchenko had pancreatitis and an enlarged liver, both of which are common sequelae of alcoholism

Rudolfinerhaus tried to cover these findings with inaccurate press releases and a grossly misleading clinical report "conclusion"

If Yushchenko keeps drinking, it is NOT UNLIKELY that his liver and pancreatic disease will progress and he will be left with chronic pancreatitis (which can lead to diabetes and insulin dependence) and/or cirrhosis (which can lead to death by numerous pathways)

Now go read the long version - it's well worth the click.

Posted by Hyscience at December 23, 2004 10:29 AM

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