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December 26, 2004

Web video teaches terrorists to make bomb vest

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Chilling video offers step-by-step suicide vest instructions.

From the MSNBC article of Dec 22:
Posted in a militant Islamic chat room three days ago, a stunningly detailed 26-minute video on how to make a sophisticated suicide bomb vest, along with a demonstration of its kill range, using a mannequin.

Titled "The Explosive Belt for Martyrdom Operations," the video obtained by NBC News demonstrates how to make an explosive vest that would be tough to detect, mostly from common off-the-shelf materials.

"The most disturbing thing about this video is that it exists," says NBC analyst and retired military intelligence officer Lt. Col. Rick Francona. He says the video would be extremely valuable to any terrorist. "Every military commander in Iraq and Afghanistan should be aware of this," says Francona. "This video shows someone how to more effectively attack American troops."

Experts believe the video was made by a Palestinian group. The link to the video is available here...

"The video was accompanied by a note that explained it was there for the purposes of aiding the brothers, the fighting brothers, in cities in central Iraq," says NBC terror analyst Evan Kohlmann.

Specifically, the note mentioned wanting to help fighters in Fallujah, Ramadi and Mosul, though there's nothing to tie this to Tuesday's attack. The person who posted the note and video on the Internet called himself "terrorist007."

NBC News would not reveal most of the details, but the video demonstrates each step of bomb making:

    Select a fabric and sew the vest;

    Mix explosives;

    Arrange shrapnel to kill victims in a large radius;

    attach a detonator.

In one demonstration, a would-be bomber is told where to stand in a bus for maximum carnage. "Notice that the shrapnel has greatly penetrated all of the seats," says an Arabic voice on the video, translated by NBC News.

Another demo shows a vest that causes lethal wounds 30 yards away. 

"I was startled by the amount of damage that such a small amount of explosives with the ball bearings could do," says Francona.

It's a chilling reminder of the sophistication and cold-blooded determination of terrorists.

Latest on Mosul attack from MSNBC....

Posted by Hyscience at December 26, 2004 11:49 PM

"It's a chilling reminder of the sophistication and cold-blooded determination of terrorists" - concludes the author of the article that contains no reference to the terrorists in Washington and THEIR cold-blooded determination to wage an illegal, lie-based war. The sophistication of the multi-billion dollar killing machine administered by Rumsfeld and company is not mentioned either.

Posted by: Szlomo Naiman at December 27, 2004 2:22 AM

How is the war in Iraq illegal?

There's a huge difference that you are failing to comprehend. One side is fighting to liberate people and create Democracy. The other side is fighting to get 72 virgins and imprison millions under a totalitarian state. Oh, but they must be the same. Right Szlomo?

Posted by: Chad at December 27, 2004 12:13 PM

I think if someone is "failing to comprehend" something, it's you, Chad. Having failed to obtain the Security Council's authorisation for the invasion, the American and British authorities went ahead anyway. Before and after they did, pretext after pretext collapsed. There is no serious dispute about the illegality of the invasion. UN Secretary General Annan referred to just that when he made his comments some two months ago.

It's telling that you didn't address the "lie" part of my remark, focusing instead on fallacies about "liberating people and creating Democracy." The "virgin" fragment of your comment also reflects oversimplification at best. But this is beyond the main thrust of my remark and so I won't elaborate on that for the time being.

Posted by: Szlomo Naiman at December 28, 2004 2:40 AM

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