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December 28, 2004

We hate Jews and "No thanks We'd rather die"

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Like little tin soldiers marching lock-step with their Islamic brethren in Iran, Sri Lankan authorities have made it clear that they do want the aid that Israel has offered but have refused a 150 member Israeli aid delegation. The delegation was planning to assemble a medical facility comprised of specialist doctors, and to set up emergency, internal medicine and pediatric departments, as well as laboratory and X-ray facilities in the southern part of Sri Lanka. (cudos to Israpundit for the story)

This almost universal and consistant refusal by islamists to allow Israeli delegations to provide their people assistance while being completely willing to accept material goods tells us as much about their fear and ignorance as it does about their hatred of Jews. Money, goods, and  indirect services from the Jews all seem acceptable to leaders and authorities in Islamic cultures, but not Jews themselves(the cynical side of me wonders if they'll simply accept the material goods but sell them for cash which would never find its way to the intended victims). They seem to fear that their populace might find out that Israelis are not the sub-humans that they, the Islamists, have portrayed them to be. Further, that the attitude of most non-Muslims throughout the world toward victims in times of need is to cast aside political differences and let people help people - an approach that seems impossible to accept in Islamic societies because their religion and politics are in fact one in the same. Their culture possesses an iron-clad ignorance of simple human kindness when it comes to their politically-clouded knowledge of human nature. This is magnified in the radical Islamist to a point beyond reason and sanity.

But meanwhile in Israel:

Update: Haaretz Dec 29 - "Grave concern over 70 Israelis still missing"

(...)  There are grave concerns for the safety of some 70 Israelis who are missing from the Thai tourist resorts of Koh Phi Phi and Phuket, three days after a massive earthquake and subsequent tidal wave swept over huge swathes of Southeast East.

(...) Israeli psychologists, forensics experts and ZAKA rescue and recovery officials are to fly to Southeast Asia Tuesday night to help relatives locate and identify their loved ones, according to an Israel Radio report. The officials will arrive in Bangkok.

Israllycool (Cudos to Israpundit) has posted on how Israel is reacting to the tsunami tragedy.

(...)  Here in Israel, there is a focus on those Israelis still missing and those feared dead. Shai argues that this focus, although understandable, is "in the context of the greater picture seems a little self-centered and provincial." If this is so, then every country can be accused of the same. What is more important than the news coverage focus is the determination of countries to aid the affected nations with humanitarian assistance. And, like usual, Israel is all too willing to help.

Backspin(Cudos to Israpundit) has a  nice animated GIF from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on what happened in the Indian Ocean:

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Posted by Hyscience at December 28, 2004 5:13 PM


Posted by: BRUCE HABER at January 7, 2005 9:19 AM

I still think Israelis (and other Jews everywhere) should loudly refuse to give one penny or one grain of rice to the tsunami victims. There is no way to tell how the victims themselves feel, since perforce their government's statements must speak for them. Why should Israel have to plead for the right to aid Sri Lankans when the Sri Lankan government says they don't want Israeli help? Even more puzzling is the religious make-up of Sri Lanka. It is only 7% Muslim, so where is the religio/political hatred coming from? Certainly not from the 70% Buddhist majority, or even the 15% Hindu (Tamil) populace. Jews have always had the most cordial relations with these two religions. Perhaps a Star of David emblem on an aid package would give a Muslim a brain aneurism, but Buddhists?

Posted by: Phil Rosenblatt at January 8, 2005 3:29 PM

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