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December 28, 2004

Tsunami toll predicted to pass 60,000

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(This post contains numerous links to videos and Aid agencies - see below) (Australia) Dec 29.
The death toll from the Indian Ocean tsunami catastrophe was predicted to climb pass 60,000 last night as the worst-hit nations struggled to deal with their dead and survivors, including at least a million people left homeless.

More than two days after a massive seabed earthquake off Indonesia triggered a chain of destructive waves up to 10 metres high, rescuers were finding more death the further they ventured into outlying areas of the affected countries.

The United Nations said hundreds of relief planes packed with emergency supplies from many nations would arrive in the region within 48 hours.

While the official toll across 11 countries last night stood at more than 30,000, unofficial predictions suggested the final count was likely to rise well above 60,000. Continue reading

Last Updated: BBC News World; Tuesday, 28 December, 2004, 17:13 GMT - Disease 'could swamp wave zones'
The number of people dying from disease following the Indian Ocean tsunami could exceed those killed in the disaster itself, a health expert warns.

(Previous Hyscience post on tsunami)

Web Links:

Reliefweb - UN

International Red Cross

Earthquake Hazards Program

Global tectonic activity map

Dept Foreign Affairs & Trade

National Geophysical Data Center

Also - from BBC World, "Quake prompts enormous aid effort." (complete coverage with images and video)

Captain Ed has extensive coverage of the relief effort and the UN's backtracking of their criticism of U.S. aid commitments - it is an important read.

Latest images - Here. and Here.

From Belmont Club:  An animation of the how the killer waves propagated across the Bay of Bengal is featured on the International Coordination Group for the Tsunami Warning System in the Pacific website. More information is provided here.

Kevin McCullough at Crosswalk has major coverage and a great read on aid to tsunami victims and the Left's disregard of this human disaster of epic proportions in "STINGY AMERICANS and Liberals who CARE"...

The Command Post has an extensive list of ways to help the victims.

Cross posted with California Yankee - The head of Italy's civil emergency relief services, charged with coordinating all rescue operations in the region by the European Union warned the overall death toll could surpass 100,000.....

(Cheese and Crackers Via  RangeMD) You can view a video of what a tsunami actually is, here ..

(Cheese and Crackers Via  RangeMD) You can view a video here taken by several Europeans on vacation. In it you get a glimpse of the horror up close. The older couple seen being swept away from the side of the hotel turned out to be British. The man suffered severe injuries and is in a Phuket hospital but the woman is still missing.

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