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December 29, 2004

Tsunami Aid and Assistance Update

Topics: Southeast Asia Tragedy

Public Service Update

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Update (30/12, 7 AM IST)
from the AID-India office in chennai, and jointy co-ordinated with
TNSF, ICA, Pratham,Vidrayambam, PHM and other organizations towards relief and rehab work.

Current need for material:

i) Cooking Provisions - Rice/Dal/Oil/Sugar/Milk powder - packed in packets
if possible.
ii) Soaps/Detergents/Paste and other items, for cuddalore/nagai etc.
iii) Kodams, vessels and other utensils
iv) There's a huge need for Blankets and Mats
v) Medicines - Doxycycline, Cough syrups, ORS packets, Septron
tablets/syrups, Anti-histamines etc.

for adults and children separately. Please call the AID office at 2835
0403 for the lastest

requirements on medicines (as well as other provisions).

Need for volunteers:

There's still a HUGE need for volunteers here for different teams (see I
above). There's also a similar need of volunteers who can spend a few days
in pondicherry/cuddalore/nagai/kanyakumari. Preferably those who can speak
tamil. Please contact the aid-india office, and

Contact info:

The main AID help line is 044-2835 0403, 044 5561 5629.
Volunteers will be present throughout the day. Please deposit all material
between 10.00 and 6.00 AM when we will have enough volunteers to unload.

Address: 20, Ratheenam St, Gopalaupuram, Chennai-600086

Check for latest requirements, contact
points in other cities in India, as well as aborad. Photos will
also be up at that site.

Contacts in Cuddalore: Balaji - 94440 61033, Cuddalore - K.P.Narayan  04142-229108, Damu - 94442 41918
Nagai: Jagadish - 98403 79889, Ranganathan - 94440 18590
Pondicherry: 0413- 2290733
(South-east Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog)

Posted by Hyscience at December 29, 2004 11:06 PM

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