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December 13, 2004

Top Ten Reasons Why This Weekend's Yushchenko Diagnosis is a Fraud

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If you have already read my previous post on Yuschenko's "dioxin affair" and then linked to CodeBlueBlog's "Top Ten(actually 9-my comment) Reasons Why This Weekend's Yushchenko Diagnosis is a Fraud" then you can simply skip this post. If you haven't both read my previous post AND clicked through to CodeBlueBlog's entertaining version of the episode (and then also to Medpundit's), here are CodeBlueBlog's top ten reasons:

10. It is hard to believe that while Viktor was acutely poisoned (with poison everywhere in his blood, sputum, sweat, and semen); they missed the diagnosis but now, MONTHS later they make the diagnosis in twelve hours (they say someone fortuitously developed a new test recently to make the diagnosis).

9. A real expert in poisoning says this would be a unique case in the history of forensic toxicology.

7. There are many major medical institutions and hospitals throughout Europe; why does Yushchenko keep going to this private clinic (it's actually a keep-away clinic for the rich and Euro-famous -- you know the type) if he's really concerned about getting help - did Bill Clinton go to a hideaway hospital for his bypass?

6. Rudolfinerhaus had to send the blood samples to another hospital/clinic in Amsterdam to get the answer (they did that fast, didn't they?) Why didn't Viktor just go to Amsterdam himself?

5. Viktor's wife was brought in to tell some egregious and laughable tales, like "I just remembered... I tasted the poison that night when I kissed him."  As my daughter would say: OH... MY... GOD!

4. Dioxin is a chlorine-based fat- soluble compound. Chlorine stinks. And Dioxin doesn't dissolve in water. So the brilliant spies are trying out a new way to poison someone with a chemical that stands out in water like an oil slick and stinks like Limburger cheese left all day in the dry sauna --- is that likely?

3. Being fat-soluble, Dioxin would be absorbed by many organs - especially the liver - and these organs would contain that fatty compound for months, at least, if not years. Yet Zimpfer says there are no traces of Dioxin in Viktor's liver or pancreas. He also said Yushchenko's Dioxin levels "have returned to normal." That is not possible.

Research shows without doubt that Dioxin remains in humans - in their fat and liver - for many years. The half life of Dioxin in humans is seven years. So, if Yushchenko's Dioxin levels are normal - then he was never poisoned!

3 a. Zimpfer cannot know #3 unless they did a large core liver biopsy this weekend, which they could not have done. And these biopsies take days to fix, stain and analyze.

2. The doctors in Austria have not offered even one shred of quantitative data (for perusal) to back up their claim. Not one lab test or pathology result. They didn't even mention (oops!) which tests they did! They simply said the tests were positive for Dioxin. They have not produced any documents or other doctors who have SEEN the results. Only Zimpfer. And he's a shill - that's already proved.

1. Yesterday Yushchenko announced that he does not want any official investigation into his "poisoning" until after the elections. Ha! Why? Because he says he doesn't want it to affect the outcome. Hasn't it done that already? He means he doesn't want it to affect the outcome the wrong way!

I know that there is no number 8, CodeBlueBlog must have miscounted. But now go read the whole story at CodeBlueBlog and the counter-opinion at Medpundit. Now that does it, no more posts on Dioxin and Yuschenko, I promise!

Posted by Hyscience at December 13, 2004 3:22 PM

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