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December 19, 2004

Theo van Gogh's "How Come"- post 9/11 warning about political correctness.

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Militant Islam Monitor, Dec 18:

"How Come" is an article from Theo van Gogh's book "Allah Weet Het Beter" - 'Allah Knows Best" which Theo van Gogh wrote 2 weeks after the 9/11 attacks. He decried the Muslim perceptions that the attacks were "permissible" and cited personal experiences of harassment of native Dutch by Muslim Moroccans and how he permitted his son to play with Moroccan boys living on their block. The tragic irony is that his murder by a Moroccan Muslim was the culmination of the violence which he warned that their increasingly brazen and unchallenged assaults against the native Dutch were leading.Vangogh_hmed_4avmedium

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Theo mentions the two Moroccan boys on his block came with his son to play Nintendo at their house which brings to mind reports that Theo van Gogh's killer was told that he had left his home by a Moroccan accomplice who was painting a house on the same street. Even more chilling is to think that Theo van Gogh's killers might have been connected to the families of the Moroccan children who had come with his son to play in their home.


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The translation is now available at Militant Islam Monitor, and it is astonishing. We need to heed van Gogh's warning, and wake-up to the fact that radical Islam is a threat to us, to our children, and to our way of life.

A few excerpts from the article provide some insight into how perceptual van Gogh was about the Islamic threat to his country and as it turned out - his life!

(...)  A recent survey revealed that 22 procent of the Moroccans living in Holland believe that the attack on America was permissible. Every side is reassuring us that these statistics should be seen as quite positive,since that means that three quarters think differently about this.

Does any of this sound familiar to what we've been told about conditions here in the U.S.? (Hyscience) Keep reading.

(...)  I don't want to always be the spoilsport but, still I have a nagging doubt.Even with this politically correct research which was done with blinders, reveals that there are thousands of Moroccan countrymen, who without blinking an eye, are prepared to sacrifice yours and my children for the sake of Allah.

(...)  What is this 'cold war' really like? My son plays with two nice Moroccan boys who live in our street.They sometimes come to our house to play Nintendo. "Can Lieuw come to play over at your house?" I ask them. "No", says Hamsa (9). "My mother wants to keep the house clean." A statement which is not devoid of symbolic meaning. Should I forbid my son to associate with them? Should I remind him of the two Moroccan youths about 15 years old who asked to look at his Pokemon album and then took off with it? Should I remind him about how his mother was continually cursed at by Moroccan girls and called a 'Dutch whore' ?  Continue reading the translation at

We need to remember that there are peaceful moderate Muslims. But our problem, and their's, is that it is so very hard to know their true positions and their true intent. Islam has no problem with deceiving you in the name of converting, subduing, or conquering you and me, the infidels. That's us. So we have to ask ourselves how are we to deal with this "Catch-22."

Posted by Hyscience at December 19, 2004 12:09 PM

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