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December 19, 2004

Sikhs storm theatre over play

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Hundreds of Sikhs stormed a Birmingham theatre in protest at a play depicting sex abuse and murder in a temple.

Five police officers were hurt as they struggled to bring the demonstration at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre on Saturday night under control. Two men were also arrested as the protesters disrupted the performance of the play, entitled Behzti (Dishonour). A theatre spokeswoman said negotiations would continue with the group who claim the play mocks their religion. Continue reading..

The Sikh religion emerged during the early 16th century in the state of Punjab in North India. The founder of this faith was Guru Nanak, who from his childhood was attracted to both Hindu and Muslim saints. Born a Hindu, but also inspired by the teachings of Islam, he began to preach the message of unity of both religions. According to him, the basic teachings of both faiths were essentially the same. Nanak attracted many followers and came to be known as a Guru or a teacher. His disciples came together to form a new religious tradition called Sikhism.

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