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December 25, 2004

Previous "Liar of the Month Awardee" can expect renomination

Topics: International News

The AP is up to it's old tricks again. For some reason this left-leaning, anti-Israel, anti-American news organization finds itself again in the crosshairs of accusations of media bias, flagrant use of musical photos, pandering to terrorists, and aiding and abetting terrorists by helping them to get their (the terrorists) agenda and propaganda - international exposure.

Back in July 2004 "Take A Pen" posted the following:

(...)  We have the unpleasant duty to inform our readers and the international       media-monitoring community that recently the AP has been "awarded" the       disrespectful title of "The Liar of the Month" for July 2004 by Take-A-Pen.

After being a candidate and runner-up several times in the past, AP received The Liar of the Month award now for its recent 'achievements' in (a) the tendentious selection of a photo (see down below) selectively misrepresenting a Palestinian-ISM demonstration at Israel's security fence, and (b) further, by adding a text to this photo totally distorting what really happened there.

AP's 'Liar of the Month' title is published now on  and is being translated into most of the 16 languages on our site.

AP's huge influence makes their bias extremely harmful. The effect of their frequently anti-Israel biased news text and manipulated photos is multiplied by ; the hundreds of media organs buying them from AP and publishing them to probably hundreds of millions people.

We'll illustrate here Take-A-Pen's choice of AP as The Liar of the Month by four examples.  We'll present also a Reader's Letter summarizing AP's untruthfulness in the "award-winning" photo piece.

AP was a candidate and runner up several times for the 'Liar' title in the past before winning the present one . Many readers and media-activists have claimed on several AP products that they were  obviously selected and formulated to convey not impartial information but biased views; maybe because the use Palestinian photographers is more convenient and less risky in this region, or maybe simply because Israel-bashing sells better.         

Before reaching the decision to award the July title to AP, we went through our collection on AP. Though we have too many cases of AP's major failures to do true and responsible journalism, we decided to show you first a very positive excellent product of the professional AP: see below at 1/ a  contribution of an AP photographer disclosing o the world the truth on today's wide-spread lies and staged stories of the Western media, of others this time, AP being on the right side. We show it that we do not forget that there is hope. In the further examples from no'2 to no'5 you'll see AP's lies and manipulations. Continue reading and also view numerous photo examples....

And this is but a taste of AP's pro-terrorist bias that is documented and reported by "Take A Pen. Now Powerline weighs-in on our infamous snuggle-up-to-terrorists media, the AP, through todays post entitled "AP Admits Relationship With Terrorists." Here is a snipet of what Powerline has to say about AP:

The AP is using photographers who have relationships with the terrorists; this is for the purpose of helping to tell the terrorists' "stories." The photographers don't have to swear allegiance to the terrorists--gosh, that's reassuring--but they have "family and tribal relations" with them. And they aren't embedded--I'm not sure I believe that--but they don't need to be either, since the terrorists tip them off when they are about to commit an act that they want filmed.  Continue reading Powerline...

Sounds to me like the little stinkers have been busted again. I hereby declare their renominate for "Liar of the Month." While they continue to snuggle up to terrorists at the expense of the war on terror, contributing to the loss of lives in Iraq, Israel, and other photo and journalistic opportunistic hotspots for furthering the terrorist agenda around the world - I wonder if they ever take the time to think about what would happen if the terrorists prevail? Do they believe that their license to slant truth in favor of sensationalism will survive the terrorists desired outcome? Unfortunately for us all AP would then be asking themselves just where did those really neat journalistic freedoms disappear to.

Posted by Hyscience at December 25, 2004 9:02 PM

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