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December 30, 2004

Ocean disaster toll hits 114,000

Topics: Southeast Asia Earthquake and Tsunami

The toll from the tsunami disaster continues to unfold and we probably haven't come close to the final number of dead from this terrible tragedy. After those that die from disease are counted when this is finally over, and it's not anywhere near over yet, the toll could reach as high as one million people.

-BBC News UK:
New figures reveal at least 114,000 people died in Sunday's ocean disaster, as aid agencies struggle to provide relief to the Indian Ocean region.
(Click image to enlarge -The hunt for survivors is drawing to a close-BBC photo)

Officials in Indonesia say the number killed there is now nearly 80,000 and the death toll from the worst-hit area is set to rise still higher.

Millions who survived the waves now have little water, food or shelter.

Relief teams and supplies are pouring into the region but have yet to reach the hardest-hit and most remote areas.

There are reports of desperate people fighting over aid. Aftershocks and fears of new tsunamis have sown panic among survivors in Indonesia and India.
(Click image to enlarge)

Across the region thousands remain unaccounted for since the 9.0 magnitude undersea earthquake off Sumatra that forced a wall of water smashing into coastlines as far away as east Africa.

Click here for map of affected area.

The US, Australia, Japan and India have formed a coalition to provide relief.

The World Bank has announced that it is giving $250m to help victims while the UK increased its contribution to $96m, making it the biggest donation from an individual country.

City of corpses

Health ministry officials in Indonesia put the new death toll at 79,940. Continue reading...

Posted by Hyscience at December 30, 2004 1:06 PM

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