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December 7, 2004

Nine die in gun battle as al-Qaeda attacks US diplomats

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Reported on the Times online this morning is this frightening development that actually occured last night and was reported on as a Dec 06 article by MSM and other blogs. But the real story is more than that of an incident. If the terrorists are so emboldened as to attack one of our most secure embassies, we have more than just a problem, we have chaos in Saudi Arabia. The fact that security was supposedly reinforced yet the Islamathugs were able to evade an armed checkpoint (suspicious to me) and drive up to the perimeter gates of the building, what is going on in Saudi Arabia? The terrorists were able to fight their way inside the southern entrance of the building used for mail deliveries and visa applications, and reach the roof of the consulate where they hauled down the American flag and burnt it. This is no "incident," it is an attack on America just as much as it would be if it had occured in downtown Manhattan.

According to Timesonline (UK):

AT LEAST nine people lay dead last night as the result of an attack by Islamic militants on the US Consulate in Jedda -- one of the most heavily guarded foreign diplomatic compounds in Saudi Arabia.

They were shot in a fierce gunfight as a suicide squad of al-Qaeda sympathisers fought their way into the consulate on the shores of the Red Sea. As US Marines inside the building scrambled to protect American diplomats, Saudi security guards exchanged gunfire with the five militants, killing four of them and wounding and arresting the fifth.

President Bush ordered an urgent investigation into embassy security. He said that the attack showed that "terrorists are still on the move".


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The first attack against a Western diplomatic mission in the kingdom was seen as an attempt by the new leader of al-Qaeda's wing in Saudi Arabia to make his mark. Three predecessors have been killed in the past year.

Westerners living in Saudi Arabia had been told to expect a new atrocity after militants had claimed on radical websites recently that they were ready to avenge a spate of arrests and deaths of their colleagues.

Security was supposedly reinforced, but still the gunmen were able to evade an armed checkpoint and drive up to the perimeter gates of the building, where witnesses said that they blew up the car and hurled grenades at guards. The gunmen were reported to have struck at a side entrance as an embassy vehicle was entering. Read More...

Some background on the terrorist problem in Saudi Arabia can be found here, here, and here. The fact that terrorism in "the Kingdom" has been tolerated, condoned, supported, all with heads turned the other way - has led the Saudis to where they and the US. are today.

The seriousness of the problem can be better understood in the light of comments reported on by Jefferson Morley in a Washingtonpost article on June 18, 2004 entitled "Is al Qaeda Winning In Saudi Arabia?"

"We entered one of the companies' [offices], and found there an American infidel who looked like a director . . . When he turned to me, I shot him in the head, and his head exploded. We entered another office and found one infidel from South Africa, and our brother Hussein slit his throat. We asked Allah to accept [these acts of devotion] from us, and from him."

According to Morley, these comments were made by Fawwaz bin Muhammad Nashami as he described one part of an attack last month in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, that killed 22 people. The terrorist commander, who escaped after the attack (how convenient), was interviewed by Sawt al-Jihad, a journal sympathetic to al Qaeda. As translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.   Things are only going to get worse in the kingdom.

In an article that literally is hot off the press, "Saudi Arabia and the heart of darkness," being reported in The Age (Australia) only 8 minutes ago, Saudi Arabia is being described as in danger of becoming a terrorist wasteland. The article quotes Economist senior correspondent Max Rodenbeck in saying that it is "a sort of oily heart of darkness" that has come to envelop all that is anti-American. In the United States, a 70-year alliance with the kingdom is being reappraised as a ghastly mistake, a selling of the soul for oil.

In summation, I can't say it any better than was suggested by Max Rodenbeck's comment. The alliance with the kingdom IS a ghastly mistake, it has SURELY been a selling of our national soul for oil, and it is now coming back to bite the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and all of humankind. Terrorism has been unleashed and we are going to have a hell of a time putting it back in in the cave where it belongs.

Update: Backcountry conservative has a post on this subject with a different perspective.
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Posted by Hyscience at December 7, 2004 9:45 AM

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