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December 3, 2004

Muslims seek ban on 'Submission II'

Topics: International News

Reported by Expatica in the Netherland.

AMSTERDAM -- Several Muslims in the Netherlands are seeking a court injunction to prevent MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali making a sequel to the short film "Submission".

Lawyer Robert Moszkowicz said Tuesday that the group he represents also want Hirsi Ali banned from making hurtful remarks about Muslims and Islam.

Moszkowicz noted Hirsi Ali recently described Islam as "deadly dangerous" without making a distinction between fundamentalist Islam and Islam in general. It is expected the case will be heard by a court in The Hague, but it is unclear when this will take place.

Submission -- which claims the Koran legitimises domestic violence against women in Muslim communities is believed to be the motive for the assassination of the director, Theo van Gogh, in November. A 26-year-old Dutch-Moroccan man has been arrested for the killing.

Somali-born Hirsi Ali has been in hiding with armed protection since Van Gogh's murder. She wrote the script for the film, which featured women in see-though veils with texts from the Koran daubed on their bodies.

Both Hirsi Ali and Van Gogh received death threats after the film was screened on Dutch television at the end of August.

Last week, Hirsi Ali announced she planned to make a follow up to the English-language film.

Having seen "Submission I"(Hyscience has previously posted a link to the film) I'd have to say that it offers a compelling argument for censoring Muslim abuse of women, not the film.
For more information on Submission(including images) see this previous Hyscience post.

Posted by Hyscience at December 3, 2004 6:03 AM

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