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December 22, 2004

Man in Japan infected with avian influenza; 4 others likely infected

Topics: International News

Note: There is a Jan 10, 2005 update to the potential avian influenza pandemic.

As I predicted some time ago (my final comment in this article) when I said that you would be hearing more about avian influenza, you are now hearing it.

Japan Today reports that a former chicken farm employee has been found infected with the bird flu virus after an outbreak of flu among poultry in February in Kyoto Prefecture, in the first case of human infection from avian influenza in Japan, the health ministry said Wednesday.

Four of the five were employees at a poultry farm near Kyoto which took few precautions dealing with an outbreak in February, the ministry said. The other person was a city official who helped disinfect the farm.  Continue reading Japan Today....
Background information and more on avian influenza.....

Posted by Hyscience at December 22, 2004 8:01 PM

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