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December 16, 2004

Major step forwards for vaccine against cervical cancer

Topics: Medicine

Dec 17 Medical News Today'

Dutch researcher Laura Bungener has developed a vaccine against cervical cancer. Vaccinated laboratory animals no longer developed the disease and animals which had already developed a tumor, could be treated with the vaccine.

Cervical cancer is caused by a virus. The vaccines against cervical cancer induce an immune response to proteins from this virus, rendering it harmless. Laboratory animals which had already developed a tumour, could be treated with a vaccination.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the virus responsible for cervical cancer. More than one hundred types of the virus are known. Some of these are high-risk types of HPV, which can convert healthy cells into cancer cells. Proteins E6 and E7 from the virus are responsible for this and are an ideal target for treatment because they only occur in malignant cells. The vaccine developed by Bungener, induces a specific immune response against these two proteins. Continue reading Medscape News article...

Background research article in Vaccine. 2004 Mar 12;22(9-10):1104-13.

"Induction of cytotoxic T lymphocyte activity by immunization with recombinant Semliki Forest virus: indications for cross-priming."

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