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December 1, 2004

Lung Cancer Treatment Adds Years onto Lives, UK

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The following article appears in Medical News Today:

A new cancer treatment that could add years onto the lives of lung cancer patients is to be trialled across the UK.

The research, conducted at the Liverpool Lung Cancer Unit, could help prolong the lives of people diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.

The BBC reports that initial trials show that the use of high doses of chemoradiation and radical radiotherapy could extend patients' lives by between one and five years.

Doctors treated a total of 75 patients and results show that life expectancy was extended to one year in 76 per cent of those treated and two years in 45 per cent of patients.

Professor Andrew Peacock, of the British Thoracic Society, said: "This research offers a ray of hope for some of the 38,000 people diagnosed with lung cancer in the UK every year.

"Unfortunately funding this kind of research into lung disease is not being given the national priority it deserves considering the huge burden it places on the NHS and society at large."

The national trials are expected to commence in January 2005.

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