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December 20, 2004

Iraq Shia leaders appeal for calm

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Events in Iraq appear to be following the expected violent course in the run-up to the election.  Were literally promised that things would get worse before the election and it looks like that's the case. The BBC News UK Monday Dec 20 edition reports that:

Iraqi Shia Muslim leaders have warned against revenge attacks following two bombings in the cities of Najaf and Karbala that killed at least 60 people.

The two powerful car bomb blasts are believed to have been carried out by Sunni Muslim insurgents.
Respected Shia cleric Mohammed Bahr al-Uloum said Shias - the majority in Iraq - were committed to peaceful participation in next month's election.

_40646063_newkarbbody(Click on image to enlarge)

Officials have warned of an increase in violence ahead of the 30 January poll. Sunday also saw three Iraqi election workers dragged from their car and shot dead in Baghdad. Continue reading...

Posted by Hyscience at December 20, 2004 2:42 AM

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