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December 4, 2004

IFILM Removes "Submission" from their site without explanation

Topics: International News

According to Littlegreenfootballs, IFILM has removed the Theo Van Gogh/Ayaan Hirsi Ali film Submission from their site with no explanation. Later, emailing them, Lgf received a reply from IFILM that said Submission Part 1 was removed at the request of Theo Van Gogh's production company; no pressure from advocacy groups this time.

Apparently, Internet Haganah has the Submission Part 1 video...

Posted by Hyscience at December 4, 2004 7:58 PM

Hey, what do you mean "without explanation"?

There's an explanation up there...the production company asked us to take it down so we did. Is that not clear?


Posted by: Doug Hammond at December 6, 2004 8:43 PM

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