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December 7, 2004

I Stand Corrected - by readers. Is America Southern Canada?

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I received two particular comments from readers today that I need to address, one on my previous  IFilms post , from Doug Hammond at Ifilms, the other from a reader in Kurdistan, on my  Kurdos World post. In both cases, it was because I had erred (yep, but either one of the mistakes would probably earn me a job at the New York Times):

In my Ifilms post I correctly stated that Ifilms had withdrawn the film "Submission" at the request of the Van Gogh Production Company. However, what I did wrong, although unintentionally, was "bury" that caveat in the body of my  article. Here is what I actually quoted from littlegreenfootballs:

According to Littlegreenfootballs, IFILM has removed the Theo Van Gogh/Ayaan Hirsi Ali film Submission from their site with no explanation. Later, after emailing them, Lgf received a reply from IFILM that said Submission Part 1 was removed at the request of Theo Van Gogh's production company; no pressure from advocacy groups this time. Apparently, Internet Haganah has the Submission Part 1 video...

I have left out the "no explanation" part (they didn't give an explanation because at that time, prior to littlegreenfootballs asking them in an email for an explanation, no one had asked for one). This "burying" the fact that the van Gogh Production Company had requested that they withdraw it from public access was my error. I sure hate to be doing what I've previously criticized the NY Times for doing. Especially since IFilms always does such a good job of having a wide choice of specialty films.

My next error that I need to "fess up to" is from a Hyscience and Kurdo's World reader from Kurdistan. Medya  wrote that Kurdo has a great site, but corrected me on using Kurdistan interchangably with Northern Iraq. He said that calling Kurdistan - Northern Iraq, is like calling America - Southern Canada (Ugh!). Interestingly he went on to say that the Turkish Prime Minister believes that there are no Kurds and no Kurdistan in the world, so has asked the media to call Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. He says that is very offensive to Kurds. I stand corrected!

Posted by Hyscience at December 7, 2004 3:41 PM

I apperciate your correction . I must say I really didn't expect it !

thank you .

and for more information about the area that I am , you can visit my site, that contains both blog and photoblog ...

Posted by: Medya at December 8, 2004 7:12 AM

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